A trip with your dog might seem like more work than its worth. There are moments when you fear that even if you hire a trustworthy dog sitter, organize playdates for pets, and leave enough treats to feed an entire pack; your dog isn’t getting enough snuggles or sleep. 

It’s also hard to be apart from your closest friend for even a few days. So, we have gathered dog-friendly places to visit. In this article, we will discuss places to go with dogs.

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Dog-friendly places to visit

There are several great places to go with dogs. Here are five of the best:

Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi, Texas

The beach is one of the few vacation spots that both people and their pet dogs enjoy equally, and the Padre Island National Seashore, the world’s longest length of the unspoiled barrier island, is no exception. 

You can take your dog with you on a leash to explore all of the amenities that Padre Island National Seashore has to offer, from the peaceful beach to the pavilion deck to the rustic campsites, after spending the night at the nearby Executive Residency by Best Western Hotel, which is pet-friendly. 

The hotel is located within walking distance. There is even a designated pet access route that may be used to bring dogs into the park. It doesn’t get very busy very often, so you and your pet will have plenty of room to sniff around and explore.

Huttopia, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Huttopia is a great place to go with dogs, with its many hiking trails and scenic views. There are also many pet-friendly lodges and hotels that will make your pet feel right at home. All site at the glamping resort Huttopia, owned and operated by a French family, is pet-friendly (in addition to the White Mountains, there are locations in Southern Maine and the New York Adirondacks). 

Each of the accommodations is freestanding, ranging from tents made of wood and canvas to cabins made of stone and wood. Some of the accommodations are accessible to people with disabilities. The base camp location is ideal for engaging in outdoor activities with your dog, such as hiking and swimming in lakes. 

In addition to its proximity to the hiking paths, beautiful views, and swimming holes of the White Mountain National Forest, the property in New Hampshire has a saltwater pool that is heated for optimal relaxation. The great outdoors and their four-legged companions will find everything they need at Huttopia, a location that caters to their needs.

The Paw House Inn, Rutland, Vermont

Believe it or not, The Paw House Inn is a great place to go with dogs. There is a $10 cost if you don’t bring your dog to this dog hotel, which makes it more dog-friendly than human-friendly. 

The Paw House Inn is Vermont’s go-to dog house because of its convenient location only miles from hundreds of dog-friendly outdoor destinations, such as Chaffee Falls, which is a hidden gem swimming spot, Pico Mountain, which is a challenging yet rewarding hike, Long Trail Brewery, which is a classic Vermont brewery, and even the Lincoln Family Home. 

Other dog-friendly outdoor destinations in Vermont include the Lincoln Family Home. The property’s “Paw House Park” is an off-leash, fenced-in park where dogs can romp and socialize. The property’s “Mario’s Playhouse” is a custom-built doggie daycare facility for when you’re looking to shed your puppy parent duties for a day of adventuring or a night out on the town. It is safe to say that your dog is in excellent paws while staying at the Paw House Inn.


Rail Explorers, Boulder City, Nevada

Rail Explorers is another great dog-friendly place to visit. All year long, Rail Explorers offer pedal-powered rail bikes for people of all ages, allowing them to experience the magic of the railroad from the outside of a train while also enjoying the view. It’s always been a popular destination for families, and now it’s welcoming canine companions. 

Rail Explorers’ bikes can accommodate larger dogs (but huge dogs may not fit) on the platform between the seats for human riders, and small dogs can also travel in a carrier with their owners. If you and your dog are both thrill-seekers, then Rail Explorers is the destination for you and your beloved dog. 

In addition, Las Vegas is only 30 minutes away, and the Delano Las Vegas hotel permits one or two dogs with a total weight of fewer than 100 pounds to accompany their owners for a luxury night.

Hotel Columbia, Telluride, Colorado

Hotel Columbia is a great place to go with dogs, as there are several pet-friendly hotels and restaurants. Visit Hotel Columbia for an experience that mixes comfort and elegance into one unforgettable whole. This hotel in Colorado treats dogs like family, providing them with delicious elk jerky snacks, cozy dog beds, food and water bowls, and “lots of affection” when they check-in. The hotel even maintains a list of local groomers, pet stores, and hiking paths welcoming beloved pets if you want suggestions. 

You may walk outdoors to see Telluride’s snow-capped mountains, appreciating area, or breathtaking waterfalls when you are not taking advantage of the cozy fireplace at the hotel or the complimentary breakfast brought to your room every morning. It’s possibly true that a vacation with your dog to Telluride is precisely what you and your dog need and refuel while enjoying each other’s company.