Today people run into the problem of not being able to promote their page on their own more and more often – time flies by and the niche of bloggers, brands, companies and other business oriented pages on Insta becomes more and more saturated. Common users are not that easy to impress nowadays and business profiles are in search for new tricks and tips daily – they need new stuff to engage their audience into the lives of their profiles and they have to change their strategy almost every month to make people involved in the life of their brand. 

For newcomers Instagram is hell: there are millions of people visiting it daily, but almost none of those are willing to look at their page, buy their services and products or simply chat in comments with other users. No matter what they do, they cannot gain the results they want – there are not enough followers, commentaries, even the best posts getting close to zero feedback from people who already follow them. That is sad, but true: mutual following and liking isn’t quite working anymore, and people simply have to wait for months and pray for somebody to notice their account. But if you don’t want to spend your days like this, there is an option: you can buy Instagram followers and sufficiently enlarge your audience in several days or even hours. However, this service has its downsides which you should know about before purchasing any subscribers. Let’s talk about them to help you out. 

If you’re deciding to buy real Instagram followers, you should know that purchasing fake ones will hardly do you a favor. Yes, the number of subs will very much grow, but all the other things that should be influenced while promoting a profile will suffer. For example, your online statistics: the more bots are going to arrive at your page, the worse it is going to get. Instagram algorithms will see that your page is being literally attacked by bots and they won’t show your content to real people anymore – you’re going to be perceived as fake from that moment on. That’s logical, and some people also call it shadow banning (it can happen not only because of gaining too many bot followers, but this is one of the reasons) – and it is quite hard to get out of in the future. 

Real subs, on the other hand, won’t do any of that to your profile. Moreover, if real people will agree to become your followers, they might as well leave you likes and comments if your content is good enough and if they will see your content in their feed now and then. Yes, this service really exists, and there are companies that deliver it to people. But surely, it is going to cost a little bit more than fake followers and it is going to be a little bit harder to find. But if you’d use the links we’ve given you previously in the text, you might make your life a lot easier.

We’d have to also notice that if you’re turning to the paid services, you should remember that purchasing fake subs only is not an option – if your page would have thousands of subscribers and none of the thumbs up or commentaries, it is not going to look good to other people. They will easily understand what’s going on here and your reputation is going to be destroyed – we don’t think that you want it, therefore, be sure that you’re making things look as natural as possible. The best option would be taking on a complex package that would provide you not only with subs, but also with thumbs up, commentaries, stories’ views and other stuff weekly or monthly. Subscriptions are the most convenient type of promotional services as they help with timing of support shown to your publications and they simply make you forget that you’re even going through the online promotion in general. 

Key to success still lies not in the paid services (those are only a support), but in interacting and communicating with your audience – the one you already have and the one that can form in the future. Potential subscribers and clients are people who need to be sure that you’re worthy, interesting and unique, and to do that you have to talk to them personally or through your publications. If you understand that you have no time to write heart warming and authentic texts, make sure that you have a person who’s going to do it for you. Without that your chances of becoming successful are close to zero. Be smart with what you’re doing, think things through beforehand and don’t try to buy too much and too fast; male things go slowly, smoothly and naturally.