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This custom-drawn emoji features a golden tooth smiling at the camera and holding up one hand as he’s about to dab someone up, accompanied by text that says “dab me up.” Dab Me Up Emoji is similar to Dap Me Up Emoji and depicts a smiley with a golden tooth and a hand up as if he’s about to dab someone up.  

As a result of the image’s popularity on Twitter, multiple videos and photoshops were created, including variations of related emojis: notably, one of the original being about to be daubed up, and another with the two dabbling each other up. Emotes like this originate from mobile games such as Mafia City.

Origin of dab me up

It was drawn by the Mafia City art team as the “Stronger Than You” emote, and it was used in the game’s in-game chat to taunt other players (see emoji below). The emote has a wiki page on the Mafia City Wiki[16] as of January 2019.

An image macro containing a screenshot of the emote being used in the Mafia City chat was collected by ME.ME[17] on January 7th, 2019. “Imagining vaccinating your children” was an emote posted by Redditor u/richmrandom on /r/comedyheaven[18] on January 27th, 2020 in response to the anti-vax Facebook page, garnering over 63,000 upvotes in a year (see below).

“Dab Me Up”

A reaction to the emote soon spread throughout Discord. @DoubleJTheG posted a grainy photo to Twitter on January 25th, 2021, with the text, “Dab me up”, underneath, showing the emote with a hand. The original poster of the photo is not known.


An emoji with a gold tooth appears in the ‘Dab Me Up’ meme. On the right side of the face is a yellow hand that looks like it is about to ‘dab’.

The dab is a hand gesture that became popular with young people in 2015, in which one arm is held up above your head while the other is held down by your wrist.

In addition to the phrase ‘dab me up’, what does it mean?


As you probably know, the term ‘dab me up’ comes from its slang meaning of ‘dap me up. They’re asking you to ‘dap’ them if they say ‘dap me up.

Typically, a ‘dap’ is a friendly way to greet someone and can take the form of a handshake, pound hug, fist bump, or chest bump.

Recently, the phrase has been changed to ‘dab me up’ to refer to dabbin’ as a way of introducing yourself to someone.


The term ‘dabbing’ and ‘dapping me up’ have now been explained, but where did this meme come from? It is unclear who created the meme, but people often use it online to communicate with each other.

The “dab me up” meme first went viral in January 2021, after a YouTuber named DoubleJTheG posted a video of him spamming an Instagram group chat with it until he got kicked out.

Over the past few months, the video has gone viral on the internet.

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What does DAB me up mean in slang?

Dab me up“: grab me up, grab my arm, and pull me out with just the squeeze of a finger. We thank Urban Dictionary for this definition.

What does it mean when someone dabs at you?

Dabbing‘ (dance) has become a rage among youths in the United States since 2015. It has become a kind of gesture of joy or playfulness. Sneezing into their elbow is analogous to the move.

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What does getting Dapped up mean?

Handshakes (often by locking thumbs), fist bumps, hugging, or pounding the fist are all common ways to express dap. In the Vietnam War, black soldiers utilized the practice and termed it Black Power, and the term has been used since 1969.

Why do guys DAP?

In African American culture, the dap came to symbolize strength and unity. The Dap acronym stands for “dignity and pride.” Dap has become more than a greeting. In time, it developed into a language that helped people communicate their values, their identities, and their culture.

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What does DAB mean on Snapchat?

We’re not obliged to thank you now – DAB means “Digital Audio Broadcasting.”

What is DAP Urban Dictionary?

The Web site has been used in courtrooms to define iron (‘handgun‘) in the last year alone. Online predators who fabricate online identities are known as catfishing. The dap (a greeting in which fists are knocked together) and the grenade (a girl who is always found with a group of hotties)...


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