December 6, 2021
silver chocobo feather

In FFX, what is the silver Chocobo feather do for?

What do chocobo feathers do FFX?

silver chocobo feather: This item is ranked midway between the Pellet and the Chocobo Feather. It grants one unit a little bit of experience when applied.

How do I use silver chocobo feathers?

They can be exchanged at Calamity salvagers for special rewards. These brilliant plumes are a common symbol of friendship throughout the realm. Imagine creating a character in a “New World” or “Preferred World”. More than 25 items can be purchased by trading Silver Chocobo Feather.

What can I buy with silver chocobo feathers?

In addition to Silver Chocobo Feathers, you’ll also get Jump Potions. By exchanging Silver Feathers for these Feathers, you can gear up your new Job or your new character if you have just used the Potion.

How do I get Amber Draught chocobo?

Chocobo Feathers may be acquired through the Recruit a Friend Campaign to purchase the Amber Draught Chocobo Whistle from any Calamity Salvager. Amber Draught Chocobo size scales with player character race, similar to many other mounts.

How do you get Twintania Mount Ffxiv?

Calamity Salvager can give you Twintania by exchanging 15 Gold Chocobo Feathers.

How do I recruit a friend Ffxiv?

Recruiting a friend: what should I do?

  1. You need to log in with your Square Enix Account to recruit a friend at the Mog Station.
  2. Click “Recruit Friend” on the account you want to receive recruitment rewards on.

Where do I put my recruitment code Ffxiv?

Through the Mog Station, FINAL FANTASY XIV players who have been recruited to play the game can submit their recruitment code. Then click “Your Account” in the upper left corner.” Click “Select Service Account” to apply the recruitment code to the service account you selected previously.

Where do I find my referral code Ffxiv?

Simply type a friend’s email address and a short message below. A recruitment code will be sent to your friend via email. The bonus items will be added to both accounts as your friend collects subscription days.

How do I download Ffxiv?

You can download the Final Fantasy XIV client for Windows by visiting You can also go to your Steam library and download Final Fantasy XIV directly through Steam.

How big is Ffxiv?

Approximately 60GB

How expensive is ff14?

There is a subscription-based component to Final Fantasy 14. Several weeks ago, the free play feature was changed to only last up to level 35, and after that, you will have to pay at least $12.99 per month in subscription fees.

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