Call forwarding: When you make a call and the machine says your call has been forwarded, it means the person you wanted to call did not answer, so your call has been recorded in their call log. In most cases, it means that the person you are calling has chosen not to speak with you.

How do I divert incoming calls to another number?

What are the steps for using Call Diversion?

  1. You can divert all calls by dialing *21*(the number you want to divert to)#
  2. *61*(number you wish to divert to)# should be dialed whenever you are unable to answer a call within 15 seconds.
  3. Dial *67*(number you want to divert to)# when your phone is engaged to divert calls

How do I turn off call forwarding on Samsung?

Terminate call forwarding

  1. Tap Phone on any Home screen.
  2. To learn more, tap the MORE icon.
  3. Select Settings from the menu.
  4. Next, tap More settings.
  5. Dial the number you want to forward.
  6. Keep your finger on the forward button.
  7. Click Turn off.

What is conditional call forwarding in Samsung?

If you do not answer an incoming call (no answer, busy, unavailable), calls will be forwarded to another phone number. Press the Forward To button. Touch the forwarding option you want: When busy. Unanswered when forwarding.

What does conditional call forwarding active mean on Samsung?

When conditional call forwarding is active, it indicates whether forwarding when busy, forwarding when unanswered, or forwarding when unreachable is selected. This message can be removed by disabling the three forwarding options in their settings.

What is call forwarding code?

Codes with a star (*)

Feature Code
Deactivate call forwarding always *73
Busy – Activation of call forwarding *90
Inactive Call Forwarding – Busy *91
Activating Call Forwarding No Answer *92

How do I turn off call forwarding on my Samsung a20?

Call forwarding can be cancelled

  1. Tap Phone on any Home screen.
  2. To access supplemental services, tap Menu > Settings.
  3. Go to Call forwarding > Always forward > Turn it off.

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