September 21, 2021

Isohunt Alternatives in 2021: Top 10 Alternatives to Isohunt

Top 10 Alternatives to Isohunt


As a BitTorrent site, ISOHunt started up in 2003. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer system that allows users to share torrent files. There are many torrent files available online, including tunes, images, films, databases, apps, services, and applications.

In this scenario, visitors to IsoHunts can explore torrents unlimitedly and download torrents as many times as they like for free. On its website, torrents are indirectly entertained by millions of people who regularly download torrent files.

Which has the ability to host torrent files–has several users who would like to move their files to IsoHunt? Torrent files are not the only means of sharing torrent files. The program provides users with the capability to create and exchange torrent files, as well as others. This offers a comprehensive system for torrent service providers.

What is IsoHunt?

Torrent File Search Engine, ISO Hunt, allowed visitors to browse, download, upload, and search torrent files generally of the entertainment genre. According to this, the original BitTorrent search engine,, was “the most advanced BitTorrent search engine ever built.”.

In October 2013, isoHunts was removed due to the legal action and legal threats from the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) for violating copyright rules, however, it has always been one of the most popular torrent-surfing sites.

Why Did Isohunt Block?

In a matter of minutes, the laws were stopped by the executives. The requests of customers could not be met. Isohunt does not offer a copyright database, but it redirects people to websites that have the elements they need.

Conversely, a network proxy hides and exposes the IP code. Unlike VPN, it does not have any security measures. In some situations, you will find yourself in a bind and face legal repercussions.

Proxy for Iso Hunt:

The proxy is useful in this situation. Security and privacy are the most important reasons for using a proxy. Users should use a proxy when visiting any suspicious websites to protect their information, such as IP addresses.

Proxy is also helpful since the main web is often blocked by governments in many countries, and to circumvent these restrictions, it can be used to hide the user’s identity. This allows him to believe that he is in another country where is available. On the web, you can find many free iso Hunt proxy servers. Take the case of some British users wanting to access it, but their country blocks it.

There are as well many isoHunts proxies available here as well in the UK. Users in the UK can also access restricted sites using IP Hunt proxy servers. Following is a list of some of those:

List of Working Isohunt

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

http://www.iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

https://iso(remove the brackets)

Is it worth using Isohunt Proxy?

The Isohunt project was set up more than a decade ago, but your results would be disappointing.

There are currently versions, transcripts, and shutdowns from a number of top-tier brands. Likewise, Iso Hunt fits in here. You can find amazing content through Iso hunt proxy, and at the same time navigate the Internet with less annoyance.

Alternatives of isoHunt:

The mirror sites like and were founded after the original website was taken down. Also, (includes’) is a fake copy of ISO Hunt. Best alternatives are available here:

  1. ExtraTorrent Proxyisohunt

You can find online entertainment, multimedia, and software content on this site. In addition to being listed among the top 5 torrenting websites worldwide, Extra Torrent is one of the most visited sites on BitTorrent. You can see the latest movies of the best quality, play games, watch television shows, among other things.

  1. RARBGisohunt

There are very few websites that are as accurate as Rarbg. This site has a variety of credible and easy-to-download content. User-friendly and very simple, this site is very easy to use. New movies are constantly added to that site, making the entertainment content always fresh.

  1. 1337x Proxyisohunt

Torrent site 1337x has been a huge success in the recent past. Videos, music, books, and movies are all featured in its extensive content. In addition to their impressive interface, they have well-categorized sections.

  1. Limetorrents Proxyisohunt

Tracker sites are not available at Lime torrent. The site primarily searches for torrent files. Various torrent websites are combined into their database. Any torrent file you couldn’t locate on another site becomes very easy to find on this site.

  1. Piratebay Proxyisohunt

Torrent sites like Pirate Bay are among the best on the internet. The oldest torrent website is also on this list. The internet took a long time to reach it, but now it has one of the largest user bases. You can find amateurs as well as professionals on the platform.

  1. ThekickassTorrentsisohunt

Torrent users have relied on Kickass Torrents consistently for over a decade now. We noticed that it was very straightforward to use a VPN to gain access to the service in all countries, even if it was blocked in some countries, like Australia.

  1. Torrentz2 Proxyisohunt

The most popular proxy for torrenting is this one. You can access the torrentz2 index using a variety of intermediaries. In the event that you need to find the files or films based on your needs, you can find a large number of storm web crawlers.

  1. YTS Proxyisohunt

In addition to distributing movies for free, YTS provides peer-to-peer release groups. Video with a small size and HD quality, therefore attracting many downloaders, characterized their releases.

  1. YourBitTorrentisohunt

The website was originally founded as my BitTorrent, but in 2009 ownership of the site was split up. Torrent tracking is available at the site as part of the Person to Person BitTorrent network.

It does not store files on its servers, but rather contains information about their locations in indexed torrents. Clients on a person’s computer can access these torrent records.

  1. Demonoid Proxyisohunt

In addition to offering BitTorrent tracker and website features, Demonoid features a searchable index and a discussion forum related to file-sharing. A variety of files can be found on the site, including movies, games, and TV shows. had most of these websites, but the categories differed in different genres compared to When you select a torrent from one of these websites, your browser will direct you to a new landing page where you’ll be prompted to download their specific client.


Websites such as completely changed the way people used the Internet. Traffic to the site was very high. Because of its easy-to-use interface and content, it is so popular.

Since the has-hash-mirror proxy site was taken down, a lot more has-hash-mirror proxy sites have popped up. Using the iso Hunt proxy listed above, people can unblock iso Hunt sites, even though many of them are restricted in many regions.

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