SMS activation platform is a service that people can use to receive verification codes from various websites and applications without a SIM card or even a mobile phone. So it is no surprise with this option became extremely popular in the last few years. Besides the fact that there are a lot of use cases for such a feature, it is also comparably cheap and affordable for everyone. In this article, we will elaborate on possible reasons and tell about the most convenient as well as a cost-effective way to use this option.

Why would anyone need to use website for receiving SMS?

Services that provide virtual phone numbers for bypassing OTP have databases of millions of users from all over the world. And their number is constantly growing because using those platforms brings to the table many different advantages. Here are the main use cases for such a feature as receiving SMS online:

  • Creating additional accounts on social media sites and instant messengers in order to separate personal life and work or business communications;
  • Signing up once again for food delivery, taxi, and other types of platforms to receive bonuses and good offers for newcomers;
  • Promoting business on the internet by doing mass mailings with multiple accounts on email services and forums.

SMS verification online is also a popular choice among those who care about their privacy. Since it is made with virtual numbers that are also considered fake, it is not possible to expose its owners and users. It makes it a good solution to avoid receiving spam calls and messages all the time after registering on online platforms.

How to choose SMS activation platform?

In order to do SMS verification online it is required to sign up for one from a few specialized platforms that provide such an opportunity. Nowadays there a lot of them on the internet so it is better to choose carefully as it directly affect quality of purchased service.

The first thing to look at is reviews. Of course, they are not always fair as well as true. But still with their help it is possible to understand how service works and if it is trustworthy or not. Do also check who those reviews were written by. There should be real people but not fakes.

No less important parameter is the cost of service. Though it does not differ much between appropriate platforms as everyone trying to keep their prices as low as possible, there are still some differences since some websites specializes on providing virtual phone numbers from certain regions so they may do offer lower prices on certain positions.

 The last parameter to keep in mind is how big the stock is. There are a lot of apps in great demand so in case of some platforms it is not always possible to do SMS verification with them without waiting for replenishment. So make sure there are enough virtual phone numbers provided by the platform before choosing it.

SMS receiving service from SMS-Man

Currently, the most convenient and cost-effective way to complete SMS verification online is provided by SMS-Man. You do not have to go through complicated processes to use this platform. The only thing users have to do to receive an SMS phone number with this service is to complete simple registration using their email address or an account on Facebook, Google, or GitHub. As a result, all presented features will become available.

There are two options to choose from. The first one is purchasing a disposable phone number for single registration in a certain app. It is convenient, fast to use, and cheap. You can use it to sign up for an account on literally any website and app. 

But keep in mind that since it is a disposable number there will be no opportunity to reuse it after activation. It means that once the account is created, there is no way to log in with it again if logged out or deleted the app. These are legitimate risks given the low cost of such numbers.

The second option given to users is a rental service. It is a useful solution in situations when users need to sign up for multiple services with one phone number or stay able to repeatedly log in with a profile for some time. You can rent phone numbers from several countries for up to one month.

There is the same operation principle in both cases. You simply get a disposable or rental phone number, send to it a confirmation text from the desired application, and then click the «Get SMS» button to reveal the verification code that is used to create or verify an account. This is it. There is nothing difficult and, most importantly, the whole process does not take longer than a few minutes!