PVC is a polymer material that has a wide range of uses. It can be used in construction, making pipes, and even in applications where it is exposed to water and sunlight. PVC also makes up most plastic pipes, windows and doors because of its durability and strength.

PVC paints are available in many different types and colors to suit your taste. However, these paints are not all the same! There are many different types of UPVC paints available on the market today. The most popular materials for exterior painting include:

Acrylic emulsion paint – this is a water-based paint that has good coverage, and can be used on a wide range of substrates, including wood and masonry. It’s suitable for both internal and external use. This is the most popular type of UPVC paint and it comes in a range of colours. Acrylic emulsion is water-based, which means it is environmentally friendly and easy to clean up after use. It also dries quickly and has a low odour when compared to solvent-based paints. It is suitable for all types of surfaces including wood, metal and plastic.

Alkyd oil-based – this type of paint is commonly used for external cladding and woodwork repairs, as it has good adhesion to wood surfaces. It can also be used on brickwork. Alkyd enamel is suitable for use on exterior UPVC, such as window frames and door frames. The advantage of using alkyd enamel is that it’s tough and durable so you can expect your painted doors or windows to last for years without fading or chipping away at all.

Epoxy resin – this is a two-component product that offers excellent water resistance and durability. Epoxy resins are often used as an alternative to conventional acrylic emulsion paints as they provide better protection against UV light.

Solvent-based emulsion

This type of paint is similar to acrylic emulsion but it dries faster and has a stronger odour than its water-based counterpart. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use on wood, metal and plastic surfaces. However, it should not be used on brickwork or concrete as it may damage these materials over time.

Polyurethane – This type of paint has excellent adhesion properties which means it can be used on just about any surface without fear of it peeling off or flaking off over time. Polyurethane is also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by rain or other elements outside in weather conditions.

Translucent Paints 

Translucent paints are ideal for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens because they allow light to pass through them. They can also be used on skirting boards and other parts of your home where you want to create an open feel for better ventilation or to see what’s behind closed doors.

Semi-Transparent Paints 

Semi-transparent paints are similar to translucent paints but they have more color pigment in them so they have a bit more sheen than translucent paints do. This means that semi-transparent paints will show off any scratches or marks on the surface of your UPVC window frames, doors or skirting boards much more obviously than translucent paints would do so make sure you use a good quality brush when applying this type of paint. You can buy UPVC paint online at our site.