The barcode label unreadable and replaced has been covered or scratched so that automated scanners cannot read it. It is the rep’s responsibility to print a new label, which will reflect the exception on the tracking page, and the package will continue on its way.

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What means shipment exception?

The most common question is: “What is a delivery exception?”? Or, what is a shipment exception? This happens when a date for a delivery has to be changed because of unforeseen circumstances. Generally, a delivery exception is a notification that notifies the recipient that they have encountered a problem with their package.

What does it mean FedEx shipment exception?

There is an exception when there is a temporary delay of a package in transit. Since we do our best to deliver every package as soon as possible, an exception does not necessarily mean the package has been late. Many times, deliveries are re-attempted the following day.

Why is my FedEx package pending delivery?

FedEx tracking systems will indicate “schedule delivery pending”. What does that mean? You have a pending delivery schedule, which means that the delivery has not yet been set up. Fortunately, the delivery is on its way. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for delivery – it is almost ready, but not quite.

What does a FedEx tracking number look like?

FedEx tracking numbers: How Will They Look? For FedEx ground and express shipments, the tracking number typically has 12 to 15 digits as its format. Some numbers may have 20-22 digits in rare cases.

What does a FedEx tracking number start with?

Barcode label unreadable and replaced: To obtain a USPS tracking number, just prefix the FedEx number with 92. The original FedEx tracking number will start with 612/748.

How long does it take for a FedEx tracking number to work?

FedEx updates tracking information how long after it is received? Every time a package arrives or leaves a FedEx facility, it is scanned and tracking information is updated in real-time. Depending on when the shipping label is generated, it may take up to 24 hours for your tracking information to be updated.

Why is FedEx Smartpost so slow?

There is an additional delivery of the package between FedEx and your local post office, which makes it a slower method compared to FedEx Ground. It is FedEx’s responsibility to pick up the package you ordered from the seller’s location and forward it to the destination.

Why can’t I track my poslaju?

There will be fewer workers! Under such circumstances, it is obvious that the staff would risk their lives to perform their duties. Moreover, updating the tracking status requires constant communication, and with fewer staff, that is not possible nowadays. It might also be possible that this is preventing you from tracking your Poslaju parcel.

How do I check my PosLaju status?

How can I get the tracking number? At the top right of the form, you can find the tracking number for Poslaju. Under the tracking number, you can see a barcode. If the sender communicates the tracking number through another medium, you may also receive it.

How do I find the tracking number on my post?

When booking your parcel, you will be given a Tracking number. You can use our system and enter that number. Tracking number…Speedpost tracking number.

Service Type Format Numerals in Alphanumeric format
Orders sent electronically (eMO) 000 18
Postal Addresses Registered RXN 13
Postal Service – Express Parcel XXX 13

How can I track PosLaju without a tracking number?

What happens if PosLaju does not have a tracking number? It’s easy…Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose from a variety of postal companies at;
  2. Fill out the special field with your PosLaju tracking code;
  3. To track, click the ‘track’ button.

How do I track an easy parcel?

Sign into your account and click on “All Shipments” > “Domestic”. The “Status” column will present a summary of the results for all individual shipments. Tracking numbers can also be clicked to get detailed information.

Which courier service is fastest in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers the following courier and logistics services:

  • The position of Laju. With more than 1000 outlets in Malaysia, Pos Laju has the best network coverage in the country.
  • Malaysia has a wide coverage for GD Express (GDex), including both the east and west coasts.
  • The skynet.
  • You can download ABX Express here.
  • The DHL eCommerce website.

Who is the owner of Professional Courier?

Theodore Abraham