When can navigation rules be overlooked? Boat operators are responsible for knowing and following all navigation rules. Occasionally it may be necessary to overlook a navigation rule to avoid immediate danger.

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Who may depart from navigation rules?

Compliance with navigation rules requires operators to consider all dangers of navigation, collision risks, and special conditions, such as the limitations of the boats involved. In order to avoid immediate danger, it may be necessary to deviate from the navigation rules.You can check out this website for your boat needs.

What is the only exception to follow the mandatory navigation rules?

In certain situations, navigation rules may be overlooked: The ‘Rule of Responsibility’ requires all boat operators to adhere to the Navigation Rules at all times. Only if you must break a rule to avoid an immediate danger or collision is an exception made to the Navigation Rules.

In what condition shall the rules concerning lights shall be complied with?

In accordance with the Rules concerning lights, no other lights shall be displayed from sunset to sunrise, except for those which cannot be mistaken for the lights specified in the Rules or which do not impair their visibility or distinctive character or interfere with the keeping of a proper look …

What should be done to help indicate the presence of a towline?

Keep your distance from tugs and their tows. Be aware of the shapes and lights displayed by vessels towing barges or other vessels, so you don’t get caught on the towline (or worse).

What is Navigation Rule?

Navigating following Navigation Rules is similar to driving under the highway rules. Having a consistent method for navigating safely and avoiding collisions when two boats are in close In close proximity, are on course to cross paths, or when one boat wishes to overtake the other.

What does a solid green can shaped buoy mark?

Buoys located at Port Hand

There are no numbered buoys at the port hand. Rather, there are solid green buoys with odd numbers. A pillar with a flashing green light, a can-shaped object, or a spar with a flat top are all examples. Whenever you enter from the open sea or head upstream, you will see these markings on your port (left) side. When travelling upstream, keep them on your port side.