Thermal spraying is a process that has been used in manufacturing for decades. High velocity oxygen fuel is a highly effective way of coating components and other items with a variety of materials, including ceramics, metals, and plastics. The process involves melting material such as titanium or aluminum onto the surface to be coated and then spraying the molten particles onto the object using compressed air or gas. As you might expect from such an advanced technology, there are many benefits to thermal spraying that make this method far more efficient than other processes:

Thermal spraying can offer a range of benefits, including:

Thermal spraying can offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Thermal spraying is a great alternative to other processes, such as sandblasting or powder coating. With thermal spray, you can coat large areas quickly and easily. You also won’t need to worry about overspray or dust when using this process. This makes it an ideal option if you’re working on large pieces or multiple pieces at once.
  • Thermal spraying can be used on a wide range of materials, including stainless steel and glass (to name just two). If you’re looking for a high-quality finish that your customers will love but don’t want the hassle of applying paint or another material yourself, then thermal spraying may be right for your project!
  • The environmental benefits make it an attractive option for both businesses and consumers alike. Traditional methods like painting typically involve toxic chemicals which release harmful gasses into the atmosphere when applied; however, with thermal spray technology there are no toxic fumes released during application which makes it safer for everyone involved from workers on site through to those living nearby

Lower cost in use than other processes

Thermal spraying is more cost-effective than other processes. This is because it requires less material to be applied, and the process is quicker. The reduced amount of material required means that there are fewer raw materials needed, so the costs associated with these materials can be passed onto your customers in the form of lower prices. Thermal spraying also has a much faster cycle time compared to other processes such as welding, which allows you to produce more parts in less time.

Huge variety of choices of coating materials and thicknesses

There are a variety of materials available for thermal spraying, and they come in a wide range of thicknesses. The type of material and its intended use will determine the appropriate thickness. Some materials are more difficult to spray than others, but it’s also possible for a skilled technician to achieve the desired result without difficulty. If you’re planning on having your equipment applied with thermal spraying, you’ll need to prep it correctly so that the paint will stick properly.

Less downtime and high efficiency

Both of these factors are important to commercial and industrial facilities that rely on equipment for their day-to-day operations. The less you have to take your equipment out of service for maintenance, the more efficiently it can run. Thermal spraying is also beneficial because it provides a very durable finish, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacement parts. You may notice an immediate difference in your return on investment (ROI) since there will be less downtime and fewer repair costs over time with thermal spraying than with other coatings like paint or powder coating.

Ability to spray new coatings on top of old ones without loss of adhesion

  • The coating will stick to the surface.
  • The coating will not peel off.
  • The coating will not crack.
  • The coating will not flake off.

No need for heavy maintenance work

Another benefit of thermal spraying is the fact that it requires very little maintenance work. You won’t have to change parts or do regular inspections, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

These are just some of the huge benefits that come with using thermal spraying.

So, what are the benefits of thermal spraying?

  • Thermal spraying offers a range of benefits over other processes. It is a low-cost process that can be used to coat a huge variety of materials and thicknesses. Additionally, it has less downtime than other processes and high efficiency.
  • Thermal spraying has many advantages when it comes to coating applications that require the use of multiple layers: you can easily spray new coatings on top of old ones without losing adhesion for each layer!


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