Gambling is known to be one of the most popular ways of entertainment. Over the years, casinos also have grown popularity in Asia. However, before online casinos existed, traditional card and dice table games had already thrived among the people. One of the examples is Teen Patti.

Teen Patti, also known as the flash card game, originated in India as a three-card betting game. The game itself was inspired by an English game called Three-card Brag, and in some areas, it is also known as Flash or Flush. 

Today, the flash card game is gaining more recognition worldwide. Players may find great appeal in the gameplay’s unpredictability and excitement, as well as the possibility of big wins.

How to play Teen Patti 

The flash card game is often played by four to seven players, with a standard 52-card deck ranked from ace to two without the Joker. As per the flash rules card game, the minimum stake must be determined before the game begins, so each player will make their bet before the cards are dealt. 

After the betting round, all players must follow the determined minimum stake, also known as boot, placed in a pot in the middle of the table. Then, the players will be dealt clockwise with three cards facing down. The dealer will be selected randomly, and each player has the option to place an additional bet to stay in the game or not to bet and fold instead. 

If you choose to bet, the amount depends on the determined stake. Then, the game is followed by making a bet on who has the best three-card hand.


From this point, you can choose to play as blind or seen. You cannot see your cards if you choose to play as blind. However, you can still see your cards at any time in the game, but you ultimately will become a seen player afterward. 


On the other hand, if you decide to play as seen players, you are allowed to see your cards and place a wager twice the amount of the blind player’s wager. Furthermore, being a seen player means you must play ‘chaal’ if the player before you is also a seen player. ‘Chaal’ allows you to check your cards against the player before you, but this move requires you to bet twice as much as the blind player. 


The betting rounds will continue as long as there are still more than two players in the game. Playing ‘show’ allows you to challenge the opponent’s hand and end the game. This move will cost the minimum stake if you are a blind player or twice as much if you are a seen player. The player who has the best hand wins the game.

Tips to win in Teen Patti 

Here are three tips you can use to win Teen Patti.

Start slow

Avoid placing large wagers early in the game. The reason is that making huge bets at the beginning will force weaker players to fold their cards quickly.

Stay alert

Keep an eye out for patterns and facial expressions from your opponents. Your chances of winning rise if you can read other players. Meanwhile, Always maintain a neutral expression on your face to avoid giving away any insight about your cards to the opponents, even if you feel that you might lose. Similar to poker, the best players of the game are the people who are difficult to read.

Play with free chips

Both beginner and expert players can get free chips in many online flash card games. Other than allowing you to win rewards, using the free chips enables you to practise the game. Any card game player who wants to improve their skills requires some practice. Practising will help you to increase your chance of winning in the actual card game.