January 15, 2022

SolitaireTime Warp: Top 25 Alternatives of Cards Games

SolitaireTime: Among 2021’s best games, which is the best Solitaire Time Warp: Cards? Below you will find games that are similar to those listed above. For your Android and Apple (iPhone and iPad) devices, you can try these alternative apps to Solitaire Time Warp: Cards. 

Top 25 Solitaire Time Warp Alternatives: Top Picks for 2021

  • Solitairesolitairetime

The only maker of free Solitaire for iPads and iPhones, MobilityWare’s Solitaire is original and free. Our Card Game has evolved over the past decade on the App Store, and we are still adding fun new features. Our Daily Challenges are sure to challenge you! Now, you can play the addictive computer game of years on your phone. The popular game Solitaire is one of the most popular games of all time… 

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 based on 1425981 reviews Price: Free Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad

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  • Clash Royalesolitairetime

It’s time to step into the ring! Featuring real-time multiplayer action along with all your favorite Clash characters, Clash Royale delivers a real-time multiplayer game like no other. Enjoy dozens of cards showcasing the beloved Clash of Clans troops, spells, and defenses, as well as the wonderful royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons, and so many more! You need to knock down the enemies’ king and princess so you can win.

Approved by 1413372 users with a rating of 4.5/5 Price: Free Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad

  • Tomb of the Masksolitairetime

I was instantly hooked by Tomb of the Mask’s combo of retro-style graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and a simple control scheme. I would have avoided writing this post if I hadn’t been forced to. My chances of stopping would have been slim. TouchArcade: With its retro fx and visual sensibilities, this modern arcade game charms with a timeless feel. AppAdvice: I’m very impressed by Tomb of the Mask”.

From 757654 votes, rated 4/5 Price: Free Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad

  • Solitaire·solitairetime

Play in classic and simple mode with undo and shuffle to fix mistakes and Hints to learn about the next move. Addictive card game: • Autosave your progress & draw up to 3 cards & play right- or left-handed & check your statistics…

749798 ratings, 4/5 stars, Price: Free; Android, iPhone, iPad;


Play through dynamic NFL seasons as an NFL GM to build your team for the Super Bowl. Choose from new offensive schemes with a variety of drafting options to customize your team. Experience the thrill of Madden’s Masters as you build your own NFL Superstars and Legends team and ultimately face off against Patrick Mahomes, the true NFL MVP. Competition between friends…

737931 votes, rated 4/5 Price: Free Compatible devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

  • Solitairesolitairetime

Solitaire is an elegant and modern solitaire game that delivers the fun and challenge you love. With this top-rated app, you can play classic Klondike or Patience solitaire as millions of players do around the world. With easy-to-read cards and a touch or drag interface, Solitaire is the easiest solitaire game available. Hundreds of card styles and backgrounds are available, as well as upload your own…

Price: Free Apple devices: iPad, iPhone, Android Rating: 4/5 from 554144 votes 

  • Jigsaw Puzzlesolitairetime

You have just found the ORIGINAL Jigsaw Puzzle app! On the App Store, you will find the largest, most beautiful collection of puzzles ever created. JIGSAWEED is a daily puzzle game that is FREE! Don’t fall for apps that imitate jigsaw puzzles. The App Store contains only one jigsaw puzzle app. The feeling of sorting, moving, and filling in the edges is very realistic. There is only one thing left to do…

Based on 452937 user reviews, the app is rated 4/5. Available for Android, iPhone, iPad

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  • Spider Solitaire: Card Gamesolitairetime

A popular card game across the globe, Spider Solitaire is one of the greatest computer games ever! You can now play Spider Solitaire with Daily Challenges on iPad and iPhone for free thanks to MobilityWare, the company that created the game. This mentally challenging game is sometimes called Spiderlette, but it’s always a fun game that gives you hours and hours of brain exercise! Stack cards in ascending order in each suit. Make you…

Based on 444243 consumer reviews, it is a 4/5. Price: Free. Available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Magic Jigsaw Puzzlessolitairetime

This app has been downloaded 50 million times worldwide! A collection of over 25,000 HD pictures to relax and solve, as well as free daily puzzles, National Geographic photos, and images from Sony Pictures, Magic Jigsaw Puzzle is the largest puzzle game online. There are 50 million jigsaw puzzles solved each month! Find out why! You can discover even more features! Using your own images or photos, you can easily create a unique puzzle…

From 416037 votes, it’s rated as 4/5. Priced at free on Android, iPhone, and iPad

  • Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Gamesolitairetime

Enjoy your time with Cash, Inc., The clicker is one of the world’s most popular idle games. With your time machine, you can be the most famous tycoon of all time (literally!). You can never tell where you will go once the money starts rolling in! You were made to play this tapping game, Boss! Take a few clicks and taps. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, then hire amazing superstars to collect your wealth…

The app is rated 5/5 from 399245 votes. It is available for Android phones, iPhones, and iPads.

  • Solitaire card games free cellsolitairetime

The best classic solitaire card game is now available for FREE! Fun for the whole family and friends! Use your brain and have fun at the same time! Have fun!…

It has a rating of 3/5 from 358616 votes and is free to download on Android, iPhone, iPad

  • Idle Miner Tycoon: Cash Empiresolitairetime

Management of a mine and idle profit will help you become an industrial tycoon! You can expand and boost your empire by hiring managers who will automate your mine’s workflow. Make your way to the top of the leaderboard by discovering the best mining strategy! It’s easy to automate your workflow, increasing idle income while you’re offline, while limiting your expenses • Boost your earnings from smart investments, even when you’re offline.

From 338618 votes, this app is rated 4/5. Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

  • FreeCell Solitaire Card Gamesolitairetime

The #1 solitaire developer, MobilityWare, brings you FreeCell Solitaire on your Apple device! With FreeCell, you can see your progress toward goals, as well as the best scores you’ve achieved so far. New goals will be assigned to you every day. Earn XP and levels to unlock exclusive titles as you complete daily tasks! There are many variations of FreeCell Solitaire. You can play FreeCell Solitaire in many different ways. There are many skills, strategies, and tactics that go into solitaire games…

The game has a 4/5 rating from 249137 votes and is free on iOS, Android, and Android tablets.

  • Solitaire Ⓞsolitairetime

SOLITAIRE (or Klondike Solitaire / Patience) on iPhone: the #1 solitaire game! The world’s most popular solitaire card game is classic solitaire, also known as patience solitaire. Get the best Solitaire experience with our BEST SOLITAIRE card game, which is both beautiful and entertaining. Play the Klondike game with beautiful graphics – Undo, hints, and unlimited undo – Option for all winning deals – Timed mode – Play 1 at a time…

The game got a 4/5 rating from 244104 votes and is available for free on Android, iPhone, iPad.

  • ▻ Solitairesolitairetime

There are thousands of free games of solitaire to play in Solitaire, the most loved free solitaire game. You can choose the difficulty level 🙂 And our optional extra-large card symbols will keep you from squinting! The advantage of this game is the availability of unlimited puzzle games, free games of superior quality, and a Smart Point System and 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard 🙂 …

Rated 4/5 by 243770 users Price: Free and Compatible with iOS, Android, and other devices.

  • Solitaire by Solebonsolitairetime

It has all the same classic features of Windows-style solitaire that have been built for iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. FREE and loved worldwide, this Solitaire game by solebon is always available online! The elegantly designed 50-game Solitaire suite is loaded with great features and has a clean, intuitive interface. I have collected 50 SOLUTIONS CARD GAMES including one of my favorites, Klondike (Patience), Four versions of Spider, and 10 originals that aren’t found elsewhere.

4 out of 5 stars from 240332 votes Price: Free Available on Android, iPhone, iPad.

  • Bloons TD Battlessolitairetime

In this free head-to-head strategy game, you’ll play the top-rated tower defense franchise which is similar to SolitaireTime. In this first-ever contest of blowing Bloons, players will face off against other players. With twenty custom tracks, incredible upgrades and towers, new attacks, and a new defense system, this new Battles game provides the ultimate multiplayer gaming experience.

The app has been rated 5/5 by 237074 users, and it’s free on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Cooking Feversolitairetime

In this addictive free time-management game, you’ll make delicious dishes from around the globe which is similar to SolitaireTime! You can practice your skills in a range of settings and culinary techniques as you learn how to prepare desserts, fast food, oysters, and oriental food. Prepare several hundred delicious dishes by combining over one hundred different ingredients. From coffee makers to wine cellars, you can find anything you need in the kitchen.

Based on 231485 user reviews, this app is rated 4/5. It is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

  • ⋆Spider Solitairesolitairetime

A fresh design and a modern look are combined with the classic game of Spider Solitaire which is similar to SolitaireTime. There are numerous suits and Spiderette modes in Spider, adding to the fun and challenge. Every time you build a pile of cards of the same suit, you are presented with a new puzzle. In general, you can begin by playing 1-suit, then move on to 2-suit, 4-suit, and even single-deck (Spiderette) formats as you get more experienced.

It has a rating of 4/5 from 223885 votes and is available for free on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Spider ▻ Solitairesolitairetime

A free solitaire game for all ages! Spider Solitaire is the #1 Solitaire game! With amazing graphics and ease of use, Spider Solitaire is the next generation of the classic solitaire game which is similar to SolitaireTime. There is nothing like this in the world of cards. The free solitaire game has a high rating for good reason! Fortunately, we offer extra-large card symbols, so squinting is no longer necessary. There is no limit to the number of puzzle games you can play with this solitaire game.

It has been rated 4/5 on 215401 reviews, and cost nothing. Compatible with Android phones, iPhones, and iPads.

  • Hello Starssolitairetime

To complete all levels, you must use your brain which is similar to SolitaireTime. Learning it is easy, but mastering it is very difficult. During a level, the goal is to guide a ball to each star by starting at a predetermined point and moving to the end. Gravity affects the ball on the screen as well as many other objects. When you reach the more difficult levels, you will be grateful that you had practiced the basics…

It has a rating of 4/5 from 183901 votes. The price is free and it works on Android, iPhone, iPad.

  • Fairway Solitaire – Card Gamesolitairetime

Enjoy a fairway getaway! which is similar to SolitaireTime. The classic solitaire card game is given a puzzle twist in the form of a golf solitaire. By playing one card on top of your draw pile or one card at the bottom, you can clear the puzzle board. Experience the world’s scenic golf courses while playing challenging solitaire puzzles. In the Daily Course mode, you can complete challenges, achieve rewards, and escape to a theme. Every weekend, experience a themed event. Thousands of people…

Based on 178351 votes, it has a rating of 4/5 Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad Price: Free.

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  • Coin Dozersolitairetime

From Game Circus which is similar to SolitaireTime, COIN DOZER, the original arcade smash-hit! The number of free downloads has surpassed 30 million! It is #1 in Japan, the USA, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Belgium, Denmark, and Indonesia! #2 in the United States and many others! From the arcade, casino, carnival, state fair, park, or carnival, Coin Monster comes straight to your iPhone! You and your kids will love this addictive time waster.

The app has a rating of 4/5 from 126844 ratings, and the price is free.

  • Party.iosolitairetime

Battle Royale game that’s fun and entertaining which is similar to SolitaireTime. Throw other players off the area by picking them up. Be the last person standing and try to survive. Activate your addiction by signing up now. There is no charge for playing. The game can be played anywhere and anytime. The physics are extremely realistic. * Controls are easy to use. To survive, you have to hang to the walls. Added the ability to break free when grabbed. Play fast, addictively, and have fun.

It has been rated 4/5 from 122060 votes. Its price is free.

  • Solitaire ‏‏‎‎solitairetime‏‏‎‎‎‎

A variety of offline and online modes are available for Solitaire by Tripledot Studios which is similar to SolitaireTime. Known as Patience or Klondike Solitaire, this popular card game helps you relax and train your brain. Solitaire by Tripledot Studios has beautiful graphics, fun animations, custom backgrounds, new features, and offline play. Play now!

It received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 118872 votes. It is available for download for free.

  • New York Times Crosswordsolitairetime

There are no better crosswords in the world! Crosswords from The New York Times are available in the crossword app which is similar to SolitaireTime. Start playing the daily puzzles right away with access to them unlimitedly for seven days. To subscribe to NYTimes.com and iOS, please visit the following link. Play The Crossword anywhere with our Crossword subscription; the app and NYTimes.com are both available. It was just a coincidence…

From 110720 votes, it has a rating of 4.0/5. Price: Free Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad.

  • Cooking Dash™solitairetime

Flo the celebrity chef stars in this time management game which is similar to SolitaireTime. Get ready to sharpen your skills by cooking, preparing, and serving delicious food in each exotic restaurant … live on camera! Earn profits with each episode that makes them gasp and cheer! TV fame, fanatical customers, and celebrity VIPs are all waiting for you! To beat Series Fi, you must excel as a chef…

107968 votes, rated 4/5. Price: Free. on Android, on iPhone, and on iPad.

  • Solitaire Deluxe® 2solitairetime

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 is more than just solitaire! “This is second to none in the App Store for solitaire games which is similar to SolitaireTime. “This is the greatest solitaire game out there. Games are so much fun and very varied. Thanks.” -Imaklutz “This is seriously the best solitaire game”.

105137 votesfree – Android, iPhone, iPad – rating: 4/5 from 106137 votes.

  • Solitaire TriPeaks Card Gamesolitairetime

The classic Solitaire card game gets an exciting boost in this fun version of the game which is similar to SolitaireTime. It’s time to play Solitaire TriPeaks! A whole new spin on Spider Solitaire! Solitaire’s newest version lets you unleash the adventure. People love Solitaire TriPeaks for three reasons: * You earn more points every day if you play, especially on weekends. In addition to.

Score: 4.8 out of 5 based on 89094 reviews; Price: Free. Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad.

  • Heart of Vegas Slots-Casinosolitairetime

This game is only available to those aged 18 and over which is similar to SolitaireTime. Gambling or a chance to win prizes or money is not part of this game. Playing social gaming or succeeding at it does not guarantee gambling success in the future. Play FREE slot machines from the Las Vegas casinos! Aristocrat slot machines are the world’s most popular and are available at the best casino sites around the world. Slot machines authentically designed by Aristocrat,…

54696 votes, rated 5/5. It is free and works with Android, iPhone, and iPad

Frequently Asked Questions about SolitaireTime 

Can you win every game of solitaire time?

Solitaire is not always a winning game However, the vast majority of them are. Solitaire is generally a winnable game in about 80% of all cases. The average player does not win all of his/her Solitaire games, despite 80% of them being winnable. When at least one way to win is available during a game, it is considered winnable.

Is Yukon Solitaire hard?

You can play Yukon Solitaire like you play Spider Solitaire or Klondike Solitaire. A two-suit Yukon solitaire game can be quite challenging, but this version is great for solitaire beginners who want to take advantage of this popular solitaire variation. 

Is Ace high or low in Solitairetime?

When playing Klondike Solitaire, Ace is low and King is high. If cards are exposed and face up, they are available for play. When the aces have become available for play, they are placed on respective foundations. Arrays normally have these above them.

Can you pull from an ace pile in Solitairetime?

In order to play the four aces, they must appear above the tableau. There are four foundations. Upon each ace, a non-matching card can be played, beginning with the lowest card (2) and going up to the highest card (king). After a foundation card is played, There is no way to remove it.

How do you deal with Solitairetime?

Check out this video. This will help you to deal with solitaire.

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