December 6, 2021

Skyrim most expensive potion

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What ingredients make the most expensive potions in Skyrim?

Vanilla contains Skyrim most expensive potion known as a Fortify Health potion. With this potion, you can make your feet bigger, stronger, or greener by using giant’s toes, bear claws, or creep clusters.

Do poisons work on dragons Skyrim?

The poison does work on dragons, but it doesn’t slow them down and it doesn’t paralyze them.

How long does poison last in Skyrim?

There is only one answer. (If not equipped with the Concentrated Poison alchemy tree perk, poisons last for one hit). Because¬† Skyrim most expensive potion, the melee weapon’s application does not run out if you miss completely. It does not matter whether or not you are hit with a bow, the poison will be consumed.

How do you kill Grelod the kind?

Grelod the Kind is an easy target for Dragonborn since she can be killed with a single hit from any weapon, including fists. Alternatively, the player can call on a follower to strike her down.

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What ingredients make poison in Skyrim?

Health-Related Poisons

Deathbell Nirnroot
Red Mountain Flower Small Antler
Falmer Ear Imp Stool
Falmer Ear River Betty

How do you make deadly poison in Skyrim?

Imp Stool + Mora Tapinella + River Betty is one of the most lethal poisons you can mass produce (with Hearthfire and a Fish Hatchery and Garden/Greenhouse). Up to 162 poison damages are dealt instantly, and an additional 32 poison damages are dealt per second for ten seconds…

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How many Nirnroots are in Skyrim?

166 nor root plants

How do you make a poison potion cure in Skyrim?

Cure Poison can be made with the following alchemy ingredients:

  1. Ambrosia CC (1.56√ó )
  2. Bitter green Petals. CC
  3. Hunger Tongue. CC
  4. Imp Gall. CC
  5. Redwork Flower. CC
  6. Roobrush. CC
  7. Scrib Jelly. CC


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