Nora canales age: Nora Canales was born in 1962.

Did Johnny Canales pass away?

In July 1946, Johnny received an honorable discharge. Juan Cruz “Johnny” Canales returned to work for H.E.B. Grocery Company after his discharge, where he worked faithfully for 51 years until he retired.

Birth 24 Nov 1926 Victoria, Victoria County, Texas, USA
Death A Corpus Christi resident (aged 84) died on 25 May 2011 in Nueces County, Texas, USA

How old is Laura Canales?

From 1954 to 2005: 50 years nora canales age

The age of Laura Canales when she died

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, April 18 – Laura Canales, known as the “grande dame of Tejano music”, who blazed a trail for other women, such as Selena, was pronounced dead here on Saturday. Canales was 50.

Where is Johnny Canales from?

Gen. Trevi*o, Mexico

Birthplace of Johnny Canales

What was Johnny Canales saying?

‘You got it, take it away!away!away!’ — Johnny Canales’ famous phrase Coastal Bend residents would hear every Sunday will soon be back.

What happened to Laura Canales?

She contracted pneumonia and suffered other complications following gall bladder surgery on March 28, 2005, at Christus Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi. In April 2005, she died at age 50, just a few weeks after she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Who is Laura Canales in Selena?

Catia Ojeda

Netflix’s Selena: The Series focuses on Selena Quintanilla, who is often referred to as the Queen of Tejano music. However, Laura Canales (played by Catia Ojeda) paved the way for Quintanilla’s success before she became the president.

How much is Laura Canales worth?

Laura Canales net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million based on our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider.

Who plays Johnny Canales on Netflix?

Luis Bordonada

“Selena: The Series” stars Luis Bordonada as Johnny Canales, who developed a lifelong love of music from an early age. He was born in the Mexican town of General Trevi*o in 1947 and raised in Robstown, Texas, where he performed at local bars with his father as a child.

When did Selena appear on Johnny Canales?


Selena’s first appearance on “The Johnny Canales Show” was booked by Hernández in 1985 – an episode that, like the one in Matamoros the following year, has become part of Selena’s legend. When Canales first appeared on Selena’s show, he gently ribbed her by saying that she should improve her Spanish.

Did Selena really meet Laura Canales?

Though Selena and Laura might have met at the Tejano Awards, it’s unclear if they actually knew each other. The two most high-profile women in Tejano music have never had a conversation in the powder room. Canales, however, was a mentor to Quintanilla in the early days of Los Dinos, according to

Who is Johnny Canales married to?

Canalesm, Nora. Printed in 1995.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Canales

Information currently available. In 2008, Canales and his wife attempted to film a pilot, but it was shelved after he suffered a series of health problems.

Where is Elsa Garcia now?

Counties in Lapeer

She is now living in Lapeer County, Michigan, with her daughter, and is ready to offer hope to those who have experienced trauma or abuse.

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