September 22, 2021
Minecraft Map Mod

Minecraft Map Mod

Xaero’s Minimap Mod, VoxelMap Mod, Zan’s Minimap Mod, and many other maps exist for Minecraft minimaps so if you want to discover new ingredients and recipes in the map that are amazing then hurry up! Below is a minimap:

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Minecraft mods

The mod is what adds things like crafting tables, mobs, and resources quickly to your game. Modulating (short for modifying) changes the gameplay in the near future. It’s true that there are thousands of mods for the game, but you are right here if you want to find the best mods. Below you will find a list of mods:

Minecraft journeymap

Map your Minecraft world in real-time with Journey Map Forge, a client mod. Maps can be viewed in a web browser as mini-maps or full screens.

Players can use JourneyMapServer’s features depending on what features server administrators have turned on. There is no longer a separation between the client and the plugin.

xaero’s world map

Minecraft clients can now display a full-screen map of the world written by xaero. Xaero’s mini-map makes it much more useful. It is for this reason that xaero’s mini-map is separated.


  1. For instance, self-written world maps are different for every dimension/server (instead of paper maps).
    Worked on both single-player and multiplayer.
  2. The interface is intuitive. Press M to open. The mouse wheel is used to pan and zoom the map as in Google Maps.
  3. The software works with Automated Multi-World / LilyPad servers and others.
    Multi-World Support (also for Minecraft Realms)
  4. The texture pack is supported. It refreshes the world map when you change the texture pack.
    (e.g. Netherlands) Support cave dimensions
  5. Maps that are made this way. Like a vanilla paper map, it shows a world map.
    Customization of area structures.
  6. A route is displayed under “Footsteps”.
  7. The mode performs best without them, although they are an optional enhancement.
  8. A minimap integration in xaero. Modifiers that use the world map will show pieces loaded from that map. From the xaero Map Mini, it is possible to view waypoints on a world map. It is also compatible with enhanced PVP mods.
  9. The map can be edited and teleported from within the interface without leaving it.
    Located in the lower right corner of the map GUI, the off-point menu can be accessed by placing the mouse cursor there.
  10. Clicking on the right mouse button after selecting the point of view from the menu will quickly move the map view to the van point selected.
    Minecraft Map Mod
    Minecraft Map Mod

Rei’s minimap

A minimap is added to Minecraft with Rei’s Minimap Mod! These manipulators can be easily used to discover caves, crowds, and establish route points.


  1. Processing in a timely manner
  2. This map is beautiful:
  3. Blocks of semitransparency
  4. Expression for collision map height
  5. An expression of lighting that changes dynamically
  6. Make your texture into blocks of color automatically
  7. Colors of biomes
  8. The radar of the institution
  9. Mapping caves
  10. Teleporting is impossible at WaypPoint (can’t move)
  11. The appearance of the ZanMinimap frame
  12. Minecraft multiplayer not working after 1.2 (under 1.2, money craft does not display mud spread parts information)

Voxel Minimap

Zane’s Manip, created by Zeneris, was the original inspiration for Voxelmap Mod. There are some neat features in the Voxel Map mod for games. If voxelPlugin is installed on the server, it shows waypoints for all three directions (in addition to multi works worlds).

Moreover, the crowd (and players) can see the names of the players and their helmets. In the UI, you can select the viewpoint’s shape to change the viewport’s color. A player can teleport to any location by using MP or SP with the appropriate permissions (commands enabled). In the Netherlands, you can easily work in the cave. In search of underground resources.

Minecraft 15.2 minimap

There are many new things to discover, plants, maps, and many more recipes in this mini-map of the 15.2 chapter. Living here is safe. New creatures such as archers and zombies can be seen there.

Minecraft 1.16 mods

A new set of tools, tricks, and crowds will be included in Minecraft 1.16. With the help of mods, you can craft things more quickly, find new treasures and use recipes more quickly. Plants and enemies can be found in Minecraft.

Minecraft Map Mod
Minecraft Map Mod


How to install Minecraft map mod?

Opening your folder is Step 1

Open your data folder you already know how to do. Choosing not to continue reading at this point will not interfere with your ability to skip this step. The “Edit Profile” button is located in the lower-left corner of the Minecraft Launcher. During the installation, there will be a window with many things, but don’t worry there is only one thing you must do. To open a delay during a game, click the game delay button in the bottom right corner.

Creating a data folder is step two

Locate the folder named “Safe” in the Data folder, and double click on it. Drag the map folder from your downloads folder (or wherever you have the map) to a safe folder while holding down the mouse button. The time has come for you to unzip this file. Ensure that the zipped file is saved to a map-filled folder.

It’s pretty much done at this point

Nearly finished. To open Minecraft, simply exit the file. If you did everything correctly, a new map will appear on the Minecraft screen. I am in awe of its beauty. The following method is more convenient because it works on Mac and Windows, as well as other ways to access your data folder. By typing % AppData % you can access your data folder and view its name. You can play Minecraft online.

Try unzipping the map or moving it to the correct folder if your map doesn’t appear in your Minecraft game. I love comments, so if you think I’m not reading your comments, let me know (I don’t mind when you guys leave a comment). You might run into a Minecraft fan now and then.

How to download map mod or Minecraft?

For a complete list of all map mods, click this link, and other mods, such as chests, armour, animals, mobs, dragons, furniture, etc., are there for free to download. The mod will automatically download the file once you click on the download button.

What is the best map mod for Minecraft?

Minecraft’s most popular map mod is Just Enough Items (JEI) by Mezz, which has been downloaded 88 million times.

What is the best mini map mod of Minecraft?

Minecraft’s best minimap mods are listed below:

  1. (Radar, Waypoint, Zoom) by Xaero for Minecraft version 1.16.4/1.15.2 …
  2. (Minimap, 1.16.3/1.15.2) VoxelMap Mod …
  3. (Mob Detection, Set Waypoints) On the Minimap Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4…
  4. Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 for Mapwriter 2 (Map GUI & Minimap)…
  5. The VoxelMap No Radar Mod 1.7.10 is now available. …
  6. The 3D Minimap Mod 1.7.10 is available for download. …
  7. Minimaps No Radar Mod 1.7.10 from Zan’s.
  8. Where can I find Minecraft maps?
  9. Downloading and installing Minecraft Forge. …
  10. Minecraft is being updated. …
  11. Minimaps can be downloaded here. …
  12. Adding the Minimap Mod to your system. …
  13. The game is about to begin. …
  14. Maps can be loaded in Minecraft via the settings

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