If you have ever been arrested or held for driving while you’re under the influence (DUI) of marijuana, then there are ways through which the charges against you can be reduced or even dropped.

It is extremely complicated to prove to the state that you were wasted or under the influence of alcohol in the typical DUI cause, and the burden of doing so tends to be immense.

Laws regarding Marijuana

In Florida, the use of Marijuana was legalized in 2016 for medical purposes. However, it is still not allowed and legal for recreational uses and those other than medical uses.

Even if an individual has the prescription of being told to have marijuana or using it for recreational purposes, he/she can still be charged and arrested with DUI for using it, especially if you have any amount of it in your system. In Florida, it is also illegal to drive when high or wasted due to any substance.

Difference between Alcohol DUI case and Marijuana DUI case

The major difference between both is that THC, a chemical that is responsible for producing the marijuana’s ‘high’ element, can actually remain in the system for a long time even after it isn’t influencing the behavior of the person who uses it, and that too for a long time, hence it won’t have an effect on you.

This is a small tip that can help you drop or reduce the charges, as detection of the element doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re high.

Three ways to Establish Defense for Medical Marijuana DUI

If you are using Marijuana for Medical purposes, then there are three ways through which you can help your case get dropped, or your DUI charges reduced. You can ask for cross-examination of the prosecution’s expert witness or the officer who arrested you for the detection of the substance.

You can also offer the opinion of an expert witness who is hired in your own defense and the defendant’s testimony who has observed the driver’s behavior regarding the impairment issue.

The marijuana DUI attorney in New Jersey is of great help in cases like these. You can help yourself get out of a messy situation if you take their help and try to get your DUI charges reduced or even dropped.

Marijuana detection investigation

You can get your charges dropped if you understand the Marijuana detection process, which the officers follow carefully. There are a few tests taken to detect, and your performance on these can be affected due to medications as well as balance issues and other prior or current injuries you might be facing, so there is no way to confirm that you are under the influence of marijuana or any other drug which is causing the imbalance.

Moreover, the officers try to observe and look for evidence of the substance through the small of marijuana from the vehicle or your unusual speech patterns and driving patterns as well. There isn’t even any breath test machine for marijuana like the ones for alcohol, and so there is no certain way to indicate that you were impaired by marijuana.


Conclusively, there are a few ways through which you can get your Marijuana DUI charges reduced or dropped, as there are many loopholes. One can’t tell with certainty that you are impaired, especially if there is no detection tests except the one for alcohol and exercise.