It’s great that we live in a time when many methods to quickly and reliably send money from Canada to Ukraine are available. Thanks to the development of banking and money transfer systems, people can support each other in different countries and continents. The distance doesn’t matter — you can quickly get money in Ukraine from a bank or smartphone application. Let’s find out how to transfer money from Canada to Ukraine with Meest.

How Do Money Transfer Methods Differ from Each Other?

Bank transfers, electronic transfer systems, and other methods differ in fees. If you use online transactions, the money transfer is completed quickly, and you can get your money the same day.

A bank transfer may take one to three days. You must know the recipient’s exact details, such as their account or wallet number, to send money swiftly and securely. If you are sending more than $1,000, please provide identification documents.

How to Send Money to Ukraine with Meest Canada

The company takes care of its clients by offering more and more opportunities to receive a money transfer in a way convenient for the client. At the moment, you can support your friends in Ukraine in several ways, such as:

  • Aval and PrivatBank branches already have experience receiving money transfers through Meest. Visit your bank the next day and receive your money. If you need cash quickly, use Private 24.
  • Deliver funds to the recipient’s residential address via courier. You can select the currency in advance, delivered in cash. It takes several days to complete this transfer.

The sum you transfer to Ukraine and the chosen method determine the rate, which you can view at

Is It Possible to Receive a Money Transfer in Ukraine Fast?

Many choose to receive their money through Privat 24 as the fastest option. This application allows you to avoid standing in queues at the bank and receiving money in minutes without leaving home. Select International Delivery in the application menu and enter the Meest transfer code.

As you can see, there are various ways to transfer money overseas. Study the proposed methods, compare them, and choose the best way to transfer money to Ukraine. Each method has its commission and conditions, but this cannot keep you from supporting your loved ones or friends with money. Visit the website, study the transfer rules and fees, and quickly send money from Canada in a way convenient for you.