How old is Yoonbum?

Twenty-three years old. My age is 24. Twenty-five years old.

How much older is Yoonbum than Sangwoo?

Bum is quite short for his age, standing over 160 cm and having a boyish face (once called “Baby Brother” by someone and sometimes thought of as a kid sometimes), looking like a teenager despite being 4 years older than Sangwoo and in his late twenties.

What age is Sangwoo?


Can a 12 year old Read killing stalking?

Sadly, 12 year olds are not suitable for this game. There are graphic scenes of violence, rape, and abuse in the game.

Does Sangwoo and Yoonbum die?

YOON BUM’S APPARENT DEATH He seemed to have died following a vision of Sangwoo, which was precisely what led him into all this trouble in the first place. Sangwoo had been Yoon bum’s savior. That his death has also been caused by Sangwoo is only fair. Bum still remembers Sangwoo as the one who saved him when no one else did.

Who killed Yoonbum?


Did Sangwoo kill his mom?

Because Sangwoo wasn’t able or didn’t want to kill Bum, he gave him a similar wound. Sangwoo killed her or trapped her alive in the wall with whatever reason she went back to the house for (to kill him or to apologize).

Why did Sangwoo let go of the picture?

Sangwoo seems about to let go of their picture when Bum calls out to him and we get a great shot of him. He is pondering something and mentions that it is indeed bad for Bum to trust him.

Did Sangwoo let go of the picture?

Bum isn’t able to understand what he sees in their relationship when he looks at the picture, so he displays his aggression on it. It might be for that reason why he didn’t give up the picture at the end, even though he was planning to.

Is Sangwoo a psychopath?

In reality, he is a psychopathic, violent and sadistic individual. The truth is that Sangwoo is a cruel and ruthless individual who kidnaps, abuses, tortures, rapes, and kills people without showing mercy to them or remorse for anything he has done.

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How old is Sangwoo from killing stalking?

In the first case Sangwoo is 21 (22) in 2014, or he’s 22 (23) if he was born in 1992.

Does Sangwoo have mommy issues?

Sangwoo mom aka Eunseo may be suffering from a really severe mental illness based on what we see in this chapter. However, I am unable to specify what mental illness she has. It appears that she has postpartum depression. That is, we don’t see her caring for her son in a motherly way.

What chapter of killing stalking does bum cut himself?

chapter 30

What happened to Sangwoo mom?

His mother would be able to love him once again because all his anger, frustration and fear would be gone. Having just been rejected by the only person who was supposed to love him unconditionally, Sangwoo couldn’t handle it. After a blind rage outburst, he also killed her.

What does the Apple represent in killing stalking?

In chapter 21, the apples [symbolism] are symbolic of killing stalking. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. The apple was never the forbidden fruit in the Bible – I’m not sure how many of you know that. It appears that apples are used to apologize because they sound similar to the word ‘apology’.

What does Sangwoo smell like?

The tea blend has a sweet aroma, but it turns into a tart, rich, fruity liquor when brewed. When hibiscus tea is consumed in large quantities, it can cause intoxication and hallucinations.

What is wrong with Sangwoo?

It is obvious that Sangwoo has suffered from every single one of them: his mother emotionally manipulated him into constantly feeling fearful, there was an affair and a beating, emotional and sexual abuse is evident, and he lost his father to his mother.