PMP is considered to be the number one certification for project management professionals and specialists. Over the last two decades, the PMBOK guide has been the foundation for project managers for delivering successful projects. And 35 hours of Project Management Training will only help you learn the concepts included in PMBOK. To maintain the compatibility with the updating technology new updates are introduced to the PMBOK guide by PMI. Being a project manager you must get updated about these changes. 


It all began way back in the summer of 1969 when the Project Management Institute PMI was established. PMBOK is under PMI’s flagship publication. PMI is a not-for-profit professional membership association for project management professionals. This article is all about pmp online training 35 contact hours.Read it till the end to get all the information.


PMP 35 Hours Training  

When you go through the PMI website to prepare for your PMP exam you will get an option of hitting the right books. There you will observe that PMI has recommended the Agile Practice Guide, PMBOK 6th edition along with PMBOK 7th edition. Now you will be surprised to know what was the need for a new edition when both of them are recommended.  To prepare for the PMP exam and pass it with flying colors you can also take the help from 

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You need to know that 80 percent of topics from the syllabus of the PMP exam are already covered in PMBOK 6th edition and the Agile Practice Guide. But 20 percent of the topics are also covered in the PMBOK 7th edition. Many people argue that the exam can also be passed without studying the 7th edition, but it is recommended to study PMBOK 7th edition along with PMBOK 6th edition and the Agile Practice Guide as so many topics are well explained in the 7th edition as compared to the 6th edition.


All About PMP Training Guide

The impetus for updating the PMBOK guide has been building for several years. Rapid enhancements in technology and the need for organizations, and practitioners to quickly adapt to the changes in the market have caused it to evolve. Practitioners are now tasked with identifying the right delivery approach to get the job done and deliver value. 


To make sure PMBOK 7th edition remains relevant it must reflect this flexibility and assist practitioners to meet the demands of customers easily and swiftly with the rapidly changing market environment and deliver outputs that enable envisioned outcomes. That’s the reason that PMI has to update its approach in both the standard and the guide portion. So the new edition is different from the previous edition in several significant ways. 



If you are very interested in building a career in project management then passing the PMP exam can be the biggest push for you to begin your career in this field. As a lot of confusion is now resolved regarding both the editions of PMBOK 6th and 7th editions you can begin with your preparation. Try studying both the editions properly along with the Agile Practicing Guide as 80% of topics are covered in the 6th edition and the Agile Practicing Guide but If you want to hold a rank and be on the top it’s a must for you to go through the 7th edition thoroughly so that you pass the PMP exam with flying colors. Wishing you all the best.