Google is dumb: Now a day’s Google is bringing a lot of updates day by day. Google now dominates almost all businesses because it is really easier for the average person to find a particular news story or topic using Google, the leading search engine in the West than to go directly to a particular news site. Like every other online publication, E-Times gets a good chunk of its traffic from Google.

Google has a way of ranking stories, based on the criteria that Google called SEO. So, to get the traffic you need to engage in good SEO practices. We actually have software as a software tool that measures how well we are doing with SEO. It’s called Yoast.

So now the question is that, is Google really stupid

Now let’s be real there are a lot of content creators you can found on google, but Google really doesn’t care about its content creators. He only cares about his audience, which is a good thing but even if you are ruling the world you have to care for those people who brought you here.

Google is playing mind games. First, you do a lot of hard work then a new update came and all of your hard work went in vain. Google really needs to think about it.


What is the internet doing to our brains?

Technology is scaring us. A few weeks ago, a Columbia University study drew strong reactions to the publication, which suggested that the Internet was changing the way information is remembered. What Betsy Sparrow and his colleagues found is that we are less likely to remember information if it were readily available to us on the Internet. Is this the cause of the alarm? There is no doubt that people are scared. But should they have to?

The study is valuable and important. But like so many great works in science, it only works to confirm what we already know. You can do this experiment. Close your eyes Can you remember the detailed layout around you? This suggests that beyond the broad outline, where the basic planning organization is. You probably can’t! But that is not the reason for the alarm. We have quick and easy access to the world around us through the movement of the eyes, the movement of the head, the movement of the body.

Okay Google is dumb

I’ve been doing a lot of research online for over ten years, searching and surfing, and sometimes even adding to the world’s largest database of information on the Internet. Research that used to take a day at the library or regular rooms can now be done in minutes. Some quick Google searches and a few quick clicks on hyperlinks and I was able to rapidly locate a fact or a very important reference.

Although I do not work, I can read, write, scan headlines, watch videos, listen to podcasts, or just click a link.

Why is Google being dumb?

Sometimes Google acts as dumb, but it is not if you use it in a proper way. Have you noticed that you have searched for something but in results Google is showing you something else? The reason for this is that which you are searching has two meanings you can simply use minus sign that which the thing you don’t want.


Google how dumb is a cow?

Cows are very smart, people who live in the village and work with them know who clever this animal is. Peoples who are living in cities only know that only cats and dogs can feel human emotion, but it’s totally unfair. Any animal who live with human became emotionally attached with each other. I have noticed that the ability of problem-solving of cows is better than dogs and cats.

Why is Google prime browser being dumb?

There are many internet browsers that came and go. The reason Google is still there is that it is the only search engine that provides the user with good results. Now some people say that it is not a good search engine. The reason is that they don’t know how to search.

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Why is my google home speaker so dumb?

When Google speaker was launched it was dumb. But Google is bringing new updates to become the best search engine and it is showing us the results.

Why is google so dumb and boring?

As Google is updating day by day it is trying its best to give its users the best experience. You can use Google in different ways like if you don’t have internet you can play an offline game and if you have an internet connection you can play online games.