September 21, 2021

filecrop best alternatives


filecrop: Like most search engines, FileCrop works by comparing files. The data is then retrieved from only the shared file servers’ database rather than the web directory.

When you search for anything on the platform, the platform returns the results from popular file sharing services like Hotfile, RapidShare, Mega, as well as other archive types. Also available through FileCrop are links and torrent files that are real and verified.

For better searching and downloading of the data, everything is organized for the end-users. It also lets its users search for their files on their preferred hosting site as well as on all file hosting websites.

By selecting a range of file sizes, visitors can also search by file size limit. Probably one of your best options, if you are looking for a search engine-based service that searches shared files for you, is FileCrop.


The MegaDownload platform lets you find and download files from thousands of web hosts from one easy-to-use interface. Among the data available to users is data from MegaUpload and RapidShare, two of the world’s leading hosting platforms.

As well as providing search results for other hosting platforms, MegaUpload and RapidShare are always the top two results. Recent launches by MegaDownload include downloading files from Usenet. By featuring only results from leading platforms, this platform has revamped the search process.

MegaDownload provides no irrelevant information when it comes to file search and downloading purposes. This is its main advantage. This is the reason why it is one of the most popular online providers of shared files. The platform allows for the refinement of searches to make sure that you will be able to download the data you’re looking for.


There is probably no better alternative to traditional internet search than Searx, a privacy respecting metasearch engine. Our product has been designed by expert teams and is equipped with all of the core features that set us apart from our competitors.

There is no differentiation between Searx and other search engines when it comes to personalized results. Although it is convenient, you will still get the solution to your issues by retrieving the information from the website.

Google and other search engines provide users with a unique platform for searching the internet. There are few things as effective as searching for free files and data using this site, which includes images, audios, videos, and music. For the best results and accuracy of the data they are seeking, Searx offers both regular and advanced search solutions to its visitors.


Searching for files on the most popular file-hosting websites on the internet is the goal of UVRX’s independent file search engine. Results from Mediafire, Depositfiles, Easy Share, ShareZilla, Divshare, Zshare, 4Shared, and hundreds of other trusted sources are provided here.

You can store files online or share them with others on a variety of sharing platforms. There is only one purpose of their system, and that is to provide links to websites that offer shared files.

This type of platform is also being marketed by UVRX, but it is emphasizing on those areas that guarantee client satisfaction and fully meet their data transfer requirements. Furthermore, UVRX offers premium services as well as free ones.

In addition to gaining enhanced security levels, premium users of this service will also get faster data upload and download speeds. The UVRX also has very small file sizes, making it the best one.


The DLL files can be downloaded for free from DllDump over the web. In a few minutes, the users of this website can browse, download, and convert the right DLL files. Freely accessible archives and data can be found with it on the internet, one of the largest collections. DLL files are no longer the only things it offers, because now it also offers inf and ocx files along with some different data.

You will see a list of organized tabs at the top of the page when you move to the official website of DllDump, from where you can search for specific files by selecting a specific category from the list. You can download the files for free by browsing the list. Regarding its services, it does not charge anything.


One of the leading providers of FTP files is SearchFTPS, also known as NAPALM FTP indexer. The SearchFTPS search engine is similar to a search engine for FTP used on the internet.

Its active users keep this platform up-to-date by posting what they are interested in discussing. It is probably the most popular platform for searching and downloading files from anonymous FTP servers on the Internet.

Currently, SearchFTPS obtains more than 10 thousand FTP servers to build an index of millions of files. Visitors to this free platform can search, browse, and download files from a variety of FTP and shared storage platforms. SearchFTPS is a platform that specializes in exclusively dedicated searching on the internet, so you can stop using Google and other search engines.


A whole web directory is searched using entireweb. Its visitors can access only relevant results on this website. It ensures the integrity of its databases by doing so. You can find anything you want on this website without having to go through any complicated process.

There are millions of websites on the Internet that are searched on the website A search bar is located in the middle of the page when you move to the official website of Entireweb.

The results from the relevant websites will appear on the screen once you have typed in the name of the file you’re looking for. The attitude is also similar to that of Google. You can find the file you are searching for by clicking these links. That’s how the Entireweb works.

AIO Search

Providing multipurpose file-search solutions, AIO Search allows users to utilize searches conducted by search engines, file hosting services, search engines, and streaming websites on a single platform which is similar to filecrop.

Allied Image Search is a centralized platform that eliminates the need to use numerous platforms to find multiple files from multiple data download offering platforms. As with Google Search Engine’s enhanced search, AIO Search works similarly.

In the beginning, AIO Search offered torrents, but over time it expanded to include other websites as well. Different types of search facilities are offered by AIO Search to its users.

Visitors can search for particular files from specific sites, and that includes torrent websites, streaming websites, and file hosting websites. When you successfully find what you’re looking for, there are countless features, functions, and options to choose from.


File Search Engine SearchFiles comes from the leading shared file servers around the world and gets all of its data from there. SearchFiles collects data from many different sources, including Mediafire, Mega, Uploaded, and Uptobox.

Now you can access the files you are looking for with this extension for Google Chrome as well, without visiting the company’s official website.

Developers have devised an interface that is very simple for its users, allowing it to be improved in the future. It is just a matter of providing the file name. You are then presented with a variety of results where you can download the data. In case you want the print result, you can also select more search options.


FTP servers all over the world host files and data on FileMare, a highly featured file search engine. There is no better way to search for images, audio, music, videos, movies, software, games, books, updates, cracks, patches, and much more through this website.

A search through FileMare is exactly the same as a search through Google, apart from it bringing data from dedicated platforms. FileMare will deliver results based on the servers that store files of games if you search for the game. It does that by simplifying and condensing the visitor’s search.

FileMare is great because it indexes files from anonymous FTP servers, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about being hacked. Using FileMare, you can be sure that the links you display on your platform are reliable. A great place to find what you’re looking for is FileMare.

One of the most popular locations for shared files on the Internet is By hosting links and references to these platforms over its website, it collects all of the information shared by the third parties.

This giant platform makes available millions of files through its index database, and it makes thousands of files available on it. The sharing of data is primarily done through Uploaded, Rapidgator, Mediafire, Mega, and a host of other services.

You cannot search on the internet or use Google Search Engine if you want to use’s database. You will find links to third party sites on through which you can download the file you require.

In this way, makes sure its users receive the most relevant and accurate information. In addition to only providing real links, allows the user to check in advance whether the link is in good working order.


The search engine SearchShared is managed by Rapidshare which is similar to filecrop. There is no doubt that SearchShared is regarded as one of the best alternatives of MegaFile as well considering its vast database and links.

Search engines like this one can replace many servers for hosting files and storing files, too. When it comes to refined and reliable searching, like the search engine found on Google, SearchShared is a good platform to use.

File-sharing servers such as SearchShared work together with SearchShared. Because of this, its database gets bigger and bigger over time. The search function allows you to conduct an independent search of all file-sharing servers, as well as a specific search for a particular server. Using SearchShared to search shared file servers over the Internet is one of the easiest things you can do.

Files Tube

There is no better place to view videos and upload files than Files Tube which is similar to filecrop. Over the internet, it provided reliable search results. Featuring an advanced search engine that screened files and data from leading file sharing, uploading, and downloading services, such as RapidShare, Depositfiles, Mega, Uptobox, and more, Files Tube was specialized in finding files and data before uploading or downloading them.

It provided search sections for searching audio, video, movies, music, lyrics, software, programs, and more from the internet. The service was one of the largest free resources for streaming movies and documentaries before it was discontinued.

Files Tube’s interface and layout are similar to YouTube’s, making it easy for users to find whatever they need on the site. It is no longer possible to use Files Tube’s services, but there are plenty of services similar to Files Tube where you can access them online.


Its file indexing and search system is probably the most sophisticated in the industry which is similar to filecrop. Search among the millions of records that are housed on multiple web servers across the globe through the search database with millions of links and advanced search features.

Databases of FilePursuit are constantly being replenished via a system of artificial intelligence which crawls free internet resources to replenish them daily. An extensive amount of data is held in a database of those servers.

Moreover, FilePursuit does not store content on its platforms, it provides links to downloadable files such as Google does, or any other search engine for that matter. FilePursuit has an intuitive interface that facilitates easy searching and organization. Links are also guaranteed to be reliable.


The FindFiles platform is an internet platform that allows users to search for specific files about any particular topic from highly customized and dedicated hosting servers which is similar to filecrop. The website offers users the ability to free download the data they are searching for by providing a database of thousands of files and download URLs.

There is a simple search function as well as a very advanced one available on FindFiles. In this way, they can locate as many files as possible quickly. In comparison to other data, it has a considerably larger database of software and programs.

Searching and finding software with FindFiles is very common. Though its database is not as extensive as those of other platforms, it still claims to be the best solution available when no other option is readily available.


Uploading and downloading of files across the Web is made easier by TraDownload, a two-way working platform which is similar to filecrop. Users of this platform are able to find and share data with others based on the data they have. Besides the files it gets from the multiple file sharing platforms, the database also contains the files it gets from the file hosting sites.

As of now, TraDownload is backed by some of the most popular file hosting servers such as Mega, 4shared, and Uploaded. Data can be uploaded and downloaded as well as a wide range of other services.

With this platform, you can stream, listen to, and watch files from a variety of top storage platforms around the globe. You can use TraDownload to search for files of any type on any of the top file-hosting services. TRADOWN, a leading video streaming and file sharing site, has also integrated a MP3 converter to enable its visitors to convert their files from the top video streaming and file sharing platforms.


A website like Limefiles allows users to find resources in a different way which is similar to filecrop.  Furthermore, it collects data about each file, like the file size, its description, download URL, and much more, which it hosts across its servers.

File hosting, torrents metasearchability and downloader are among its features. Similar to Google Search Engine, this straightforward file search engine allows people to find images, files, archival information, documents, audio files, videos, and all kinds of other data over the internet.

Whenever it receives new links and sources its visitors are able to find the information they are looking for quickly. As a matter of information, none of its files or data are hosted on its servers. Basically, it collects the metadata of all available links.

In addition to allowing you to search dozens of file hosts for links, also allows you to upload your links without any restrictions which is similar to filecrop. There are a lot of other giant file-sharing platforms that are indexed and searched through MediaFire, Upala, Mega, Uptobox, etc.

A lot of different categories are included, such as Music, Videos, Images, Books, Documents, Software, Applications, or just about anything else. Objects and items can be viewed and downloaded freely on each website. In order to view and download’s content and use the search engine for free, you need to register with an email address, name, and other information. But if you wish to upload links, you must register with an email address, name, and other information as well.

Your personal information is never shared with others on this secure platform. With, you will find features like a search box, a Google-like interface, more than a million links, multiple language support, and much more.


The Warez-BB platform is a place where you can share apps, consoles, games, movies, TV shows and various other types of media which is similar to filecrop. Logging in to the website is easy as there is a smart website module. There are a limited number of social networks that are available to share the news using this platform.

A user can only become a part of the platform if they sign up, which is a free feature. Even those who wish to review the site must first register. As a dedicated piracy discussion platform, Warez-BB also provides media tools. Additionally, it allows users to access a variety of online services to avoid having to maintain multiple platforms for different types of collaborative software, services, tools, etc.

All the information is provided on the homepage of Warez-BB, which has a simple interface. Unless you register on the platform, it will not display any information. The forum and the system guidelines can be accessed by any user.

A leader in online cloud storage, has experienced rapid growth which is similar to filecrop. Files can be uploaded, tracked, managed, and downloaded unlimited. This program shows up as an alternative to Dropbox, combining many of the same features and tools as Dropbox with some new features. It is an excellent site because almost every internet-enabled device can access it.

You can easily store all your files securely on the site because it comes with advanced security and privacy features. In addition to its other useful features, it has the ability to automatically backup all of your essential files. You can also choose to get more than 10TB of storage by choosing one of its premium packages. It also offers more than 500GB of free space when you sign up.

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