In this article, we will take a look at the value that professional certification can add to your career with reference to Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2021 Specialist and the 1z0-1041-21 exam.

Professional Certification – The Value

Certifications are considered to be one of the handiest methods to give your career a breakthrough. Certification can brinrackg a lot of value to your otherwise stagnant or slow-paced career. Relevant certifications carry a great value for both the employee and the employer. Certification is considered to be the quickest way to learn new skills and get them validated by the vendor. 

Benefits Of Professional Certifications


The certification gives the employee immediate recognition, in the eyes of the employer, colleagues, and other professionals around them. They recognize him to be professionally capable and competent. Professional recognition also works well with the new people one interacts with within their professional or social circles. 

Skills Up-gradation

The Certification adds value to the career of a professional by adding new competencies and skills to their portfolio. A relevant certification gives a quicker boost to the applicable skills of an employee. They can add more value to their job by applying these skills at their workplace to enhance the productivity of the organization. 

Advancement Of Career

Certifications play important role in advancing the career of a professional. It gives one a better chance of being promoted within the organization or get a better position in case of job switching. The relevant certification definitely pays off in terms of professional gain.

Financial Gains

The certifications add financial value to the career. An employee after getting certified is entitled to bonuses and other perks in the majority of the cases. These gains could be immediate or may take some time but this skill up-gradation never goes wasted. 


Professional certifications are the best way to get a job for an unemployed person. The professional credentials in your resume make you a little bit more eligible in the eyes of an employer. The certification if it aligns with the career preferences one has, increases the employability prospects. 

Professional Networking

The certification adds the professional to the new community. Most of the certification vendors have their professional circles where only certified professionals are eligible to become members. This way the bearer of the certification suddenly gets into a privileged environment where they can establish long-term professional networks.    

Competitive Advantage

In the world of IT, a certification holder is always better than their non-certified colleague with the same level of experience. Certification adds weightage to a professional’s profile whether it’s the matter of recruitment, promotion, or professional assignments. 

Increased Efficiency

A certified professional not only possesses new skills but also willing to apply those at their job-role. There are lots of new information and unseen scenarios which professional come across only while getting certification training and exam. In many new and unexpected situations, they are capable of efficient handling due to prior theoretical knowledge.

Professional Credibility

A certified professional is considered to be more credible due to their career-oriented approach. It reflects one’s resolve to upgrade their skills as well as the willingness to invest in a professional career. It shows the right priorities from a professional perspective. This carries a higher value in the eyes of the employer.

Career Flexibility

Many professionals earn allied credentials that may not be required by their present job-role but can give their career a slightly different direction. This is a very good strategy and works well not only while switching the employer but also within the existing organization to switch the position or the department.

Job Retention

The job market is always very volatile and dynamic. Sometimes retaining a job is a bigger challenge than getting the job. If one updates their skills, they got a better chance of retaining the job in case of layoffs and downsizings. In these cases, employees prefer to retain qualified and capable professionals over the less qualified colleagues.

Oracle Certifications – The Benefits

Oracle Corporation is among the older but progressive IT companies in the world. Oracle started as a database software company and made sustained growth, not only in its forte (the database) but also stretched its wings to a lot of new areas. Now you know Oracle as a leading player in the IT industry with a vast product portfolio that includes Databases, Cloud, ERP, Analytics, Java, SCM, CRM, and more. Oracle can be seen as one of the best companies moving ahead with so much diversification. The big product portfolio requires an equally versatile portfolio of certifications. Oracle offers one of the largest certification portfolios in the industry. These certifications are available in multiple domains with a variety of skill levels. Oracle offers premium benefits for those professionals who get their skills validated through Oracle certifications.

Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2020 Certified Specialist Certification

This is a specialist certification to validate the skills of a professional responsible for implementing Oracle Analytics Cloud. It is a single exam certification. 

Certification Exams 1z0-1041-21

Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2021 Specialist

Exam Code: 1z0-1041-21

Format: Multiple Choice

Duration: 85 Minutes

Number of Questions: 55

Passing Score: 70%

Preparing for The Exam

Preparation for the Oracle 1z0-1041-21 exam can be done in two ways;

For Instructor-led Training, Oracle University is the best choice. It offers a great valued training program. For Self-paced training flexibly and affordably to suit your schedule and pocket you can get the study material from DumpsLeader. The training material is aligned with the latest exam outline defined by Oracle.  The PDF guide, Testing Engine, and Braindumps by provide you a quicker and flexible approach to pass the Oracle 1z0-1041-21 exam.

Select the training method that aligns with your professional requirements and put dedicated effort to earn the credentials you want.


Oracle is a leading enterprise software solution provider in the world with a vast product portfolio to suits the diversified corporate requirements. Oracle offers some of the best credentials in the industry. The Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2020 Certified Specialist is a single exam specialist level certification with great career prospects. This certification can be earned with the 1z0-1041-21 exam dumps. If you are looking to pursue a long-term career in the Oracle Analytics Cloud platform, this certification is the best way to demonstrate your skills.