Dragon tales characters In Dragon Tales, two ordinary kids, Emmy and Max, go on adventures with their dragon friends, Ord, Cassie, Zak, Wheezie, and Quetzal.

How old is Cassie from Dragon Tales?

Cassie is Emmy’s best friend and a little pink dragoness from Dragon Tales. In her family, she is the middle child, the 35th out of 72 (74 in some episodes)….

Appearance at Debut The Dragon’s Flight
Friends Wheezie and Lorca as well as Max, Emmy, Enrique, Ord, Zak, and Ord
Age Around 6 or 7
Birthday It was in the early 1990s

How old is Max from Dragon Tales?


How many episodes of Dragon Tales are there?


What was the rock in Dragon Tales?

Then Max collects an odd-shaped rock that resembles a tooth, but he doesn’t notice that it is a tooth, instead calling it “pointy”. Max notices Ord and Cassie, two dragons in the sky, and Emmy points them out to him.

Is it possible to stream Dragon Tales?

Prime Video offers Dragon Tales, Season 1.

What app has Dragon Tales?

Dragon tales characters | Xfinity Stream.

Is Dragon Tales a movie?

Dragon Tales Movie is a 2000 animated film from the United States. Columbia Pictures produced it. A release date for it was July 18, 2000.

What channel was Dragon Tales on?


Are Max and Emmy from Dragon Tales Hispanic?

“Emmy and Max have a Mexican background, and they discuss their ‘Abuelita’ and a few words with their parents, but, when we decided to add a new character, we opted to introduce a Hispanic character who could put more emphasis on the Hispanic culture in a natural way. …

When was Dragon Tales Cancelled?

25 November 2005

When was Dragontales made?

6 September 1999

How many seasons of Dragon Tales are there?


What is the Dragons name in How do you train your dragon?


  • Toothless.
  • The Light Fury is unnamed.
  • Hurricane.
  • Barfing and belching.
  • Fish meat.
  • Stubblecrusher.
  • The CloudJumper.
  • Deathgrippers of Grimmel.

What are the names of the how do you train your dragon movies?

A Guide to Training Your Dragon 2010

Is toothless real?

Researchers say a toothless “dragon” species was among the most successful pterosaurs 60 million years ago. The Azhdarchidae family of pterosaurs was named after the Persian word for dragon, Azdarha.

What is toothless girlfriends name?

The character page can be found here. The species page can be found here. First appearing in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World as Toothless’ mate, this unnamed Light Fury is a female Light Fury.

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