Deal or No Deal has gained popularity as the ultimate blackjack gaming experience and this is rightly so. This variation of blackjack game in online casino platforms is quite similar to the TV game show. 

It involves the dealer making an offer after dealing each hand which the player can either choose to accept or refuse. The stronger the hand, the higher the value of the offer, and vice versa. But in some situations, a weak hand may guarantee you enough profit on your stake where you don’t have to play any further. 

This is just a simple overview of the game. Let’s now dive into what exactly Deal or No Deal Blackjack entails and tips to help your gameplay. 

Rules of The Game 

Besides the game rules that pertain to how this blackjack variation works, the basics of the game remain the same as the standard rules. They include: 

  • The gameplay begins with five decks of cards 
  • The player can only split one once 
  • The banker draws to 16 and stands at 17
  • You can only double after splitting 
  • Blackjack beats 21 
  • You can only hit Split Aces once 
  • It pays 3 to 2 

Added to these, the game offers you an option to surrender with every one of the player’s two initial cards and the dealer-up card. They offer this right before the dealer peeks for blackjack. 

Additional Details 

In the game, there are other details that you should be aware of. These features do not have any effect on the gameplay or game rules, but they, one way or the other, affect the player’s gaming experience. It is good to mention them because you won’t always get them in other blackjack variations. 

They are as follows:

  • One major feature in Deal or No Deal is the option to turn off insurance which basically means they won’t offer it to you. There is also the option to turn off bet warnings; in general, bet warnings notify you when you’re about to take a risky move. But with them off, you receive no warning. 
  • Another feature is “The Book Says”. Based on the basic strategy table, this feature advises the player on what to do. You can view this table in the game rules, which recommends the next step a player should take in certain scenarios. 
  • Also, the option is to turn off the deal or no deal gameplay. But to be honest, this might be unnecessary because that’s one of the major things that makes the game special in and of itself. 

What’s The RTP? 

For this game of Deal or No Deal Blackjack, the return to player percentage is 99.33%. But this is only a theoretical percentage. It is usually based on the strategy the player uses to optimize his gameplay and how happy you are to take the dealer’s offer. 

Tips and Strategies to Win 

It is important to always remember that Deal or No Deal Blackjack is a casino game. Consequently, this means that it is a game of chance. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use certain strategies to boost your chances of success. 

Below are three tactics you can use to optimize your way of playing. 

Qualify at the Lowest Possible Stake 

Deal or No Deal involves an RNG-based qualifying round. Thus, chances are that you may pass this round on your first try but more often than not, it may extend to your fourth or fifth trial. 

So considering the number of times you may have to play the qualifying round, it is important that you do not stake too highly. Lower your stakes to the barest minimum and play until you qualify for the prize top-up round. This way, you are less likely to burn through your budget fast. 

Top-Up 3 to 4 Briefcases 

When playing the game, you shouldn’t play only one briefcase due to the high risk attached. It’s risky because if you eventually open the briefcase before the last set of plays, you will end up with a low-value briefcase. Thus, you must top up multiple briefcases to account for this eventuality. 

When you play three or more briefcases, you are more liable to receive better offers from the dealer. They usually favor players who have a number of briefcases within the game. 

Even Out the Value of Your Briefcases 

Besides having most of your briefcases in the game, it is necessary that you even out their values in the prize top-up rounds. Yes, having a high number of briefcases allows the dealer to favor you but you enjoy even better offers when you have the highest possible value on all of your briefcases. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to hit the wheel’s red section, even better for you. 

Closing Statements 

Deal or No Deal blackjack is such a hit game that there are several other casino games based on its gameplay. From the details discussed above, you can now implement the gaming tips so you can better optimize your playing hand. But in everything, remember to play responsibly.