With the onset of summer, the comfort of indoor spaces becomes quite important for Indian households. Since Indian houses are rarely insulated due to the changing weather conditions, people rely more on electronic appliances like fans and ACs. However, finding that perfect fan as per your needs and requirements becomes quite difficult if you are not well equipped with the necessary knowledge of it. So we have curated a blog wherein you can see different factors and the kinds of fans you can choose from. While you are looking for a fan don’t forget to assess your needs first. So let’s dive into the first factor: Assessing your needs. 


Factors to consider

It becomes important to assess your needs before looking for a fan for your requirements. For example, assess the size of the room, the number of residents and the weather conditions of your region. Once you have considered these factors, you can then move forward with choosing the right kind of fan for your requirements. These factors will help you make the right choice.


Energy consumption

While you are looking for a new fan, consider its energy efficiency as well. Choose between fans that have high energy efficiency ratings and smart features like shut-off timers. The energy efficiency of your fan will not only help you with minimum electricity bills but also help you reduce your carbon footprint. This will have a positive impact on the environment as well as the longevity of your fan.


Kinds of fans

Let’s explore different kinds of fans available in the market.

Tower fans: Modern and stylish tower fans can be installed without taking up much space indoors You can choose between different models to suit your preferences.

Table fans: Tables can be installed anywhere irrespective of the place. All it needs is a power outlet to function. Table fans are known for their build and lightweight body. 

Ceiling fans: Ceiling fans over time have become a top priority, functioning in most Indian homes. Lately, ceiling fans like Crompton fans have also been introduced with modern technology and smart features.


Economic options

You can also look for budget-friendly options in various fans to make the perfect choice for your home. Many companies offer fan models that are not too heavy on the pocket. Such fans are also popular for the quality and build that they have. It also helps to keep a regular check on deals and discounts offered by retailers online and offline to make maximum savings on your purchase. 

It can become quite difficult to make the right choice while looking for a fan if you are not well aware of the factors to consider. However, if you are well-versed in the factors and different types of fans, then you are bound to make the right choice. Whether you choose a ceiling fan or a sleek tower, your comfort is just a breeze away. You can keep this blog handy, whenever you are looking to buy a new fan for your indoor/outdoor space.