Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited is a company that specialises in automotive component manufacturing.The Company has its presence in more than 230 sites spread across 41 nations and five continents. Due to its extensive global presence, the Company can offer customers worldwide reliable and scalable product support.Motherson Sumi has a market cap of Rs. 27,821.40 crore and the Motherson Sumishare is Rs. 87.95 at the time of writing. 

Let us look at all the things we need to know about Motherson Sumi Share one by one:

  1. The Company has shown strength in terms of high trailing 12-month (TTM) earnings per share.  
  2. Even the annual EPS growth is strong.
  3. With the increase in profit margin, there is a growth in net profit as well. 
  4. In a recent Q1 FY’23 quarterly result, the Company reported an increase in revenue by 50% to Rs.1671 croreand profit after tax by 107% to Rs.126 crore.
  5. Additionally, EBITDA has increased 81% to Rs. 208 crore.

Looking at Motherson Sumi’s fundamentals, it is evident that the Company has been performing very well even in times of unpredictability and an inflationary environment and continues to enjoy the confidence of its customers worldwide.

In 2020, the composite Scheme of Amalgamation and Arrangement between SamvardhanaMotherson International Limited (the Amalgamated Company) and Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited (the Resulting Company) and their respective shareholders and creditors was approved by the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting.

The Scheme, among other things, called for the demerger of the Domestic Wiring Harness (DWH) Undertaking into the Resulting Company and the absorption of the Amalgamating Company into the Company after the demerger is complete.Motherson Sumi has also strengthened its position as a player in the global transportation sector due to the PKC Group’s accession in 2017. 

Customers can now access a wider variety of products and support, as well as the advantages of global synergies, vertical integration, innovation, and new technologies, thanks to MSSL’s growing international presence.By acquiring Bombardier’s electrical component and systems business in the UK and its electrical wiring interconnection systems business in Huehuetoca, Mexico, MSSL has been able to supply electrical and wiring systems to a range of the rolling stock industry, gaining the trust of partners and clients.

The Company commits to strong business practices and tries to reach out to its customers cost-effectively and sustainably. 


Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited is a promising share and can be considered a part of the portfolio. Even from the diversification point of view, Motherson Sumi share is suitable for long-term investment.