Knowledge of the correct link-building techniques is crucial for a website’s visibility and its ability to top the results page of a search engine. Link-building is a vital SEO factor that, no matter the industry, contributes directly to how much exposure a website gets.

With this, it can be judged how vital bloggers and other website owners consider link building to widen their reach online. 

But how exactly is the correct link-building technique established?

Link-building isn’t exactly straightforward. There are various updates and changes to the techniques and rules of link-building regularly. However, there are a few factors that remain constant throughout this ever-changing terrain. 

We have discussed a few of these below: 

1- Internal Linking

As the name suggests, Internal Links are links that lead a user from one page to another within a single website. While this is a great way to guide a user deeper within your site and enhance user experience, it is often found on the ignored part of the SEO spectrum. 

While internal linking, it is always good practice to look for a phrase or keyword relevant to any other article on your website. Once you have done so, proceed to attach the appropriate link of the article on the keyword accordingly.  

Such well-placed links make the user spend more time on the website and explore it further. This decreases the overall bounce rate of the website in general and improves ranking. 

2- Showing Relevancy

The general trend among the vast number of users on the internet today is to click on the most updated and latest posts. That is to say, adding a simple continuation such as “in 2021.” to an already existing title is likely to maximize the potential clicks on that link a few times over. 

For example, between two posts such as:

“Best Link Building Techniques”


“Best Link Building techniques 2021”, 

the general user is far more likely to click on the second link. 

Other such phrases that contribute to the relevancy of a post by piquing the curiosity of a user and increasing clicks include: 

  • Greatest
  • Discover
  • Free
  • Fastest
  • Cheapest
  • Strangest

3- Hire an SEO Agency

Another clever technique to improve your link-building is to hire an SEO Agency. Aside from sourcing backlinks from reputable websites, an SEO Agency can also help to improve your brand visibility. 

This is done by using guest posts on relevant websites. For example, boost brand visibility, a relevant guest post for a website that sells shoes is on an athletics website. 

Furthermore, along with many other incentives and pers, the users who visit your website will also be treated with high quality, SEO Optimized content. The benefits are endless. This is, of course, provided that you hire an Agency that proves to be worth its money. A few examples of such reputable agencies include Neil Patel Digital, Tactica SEO Agency, and ReachLocal.

4- Link Building by Using Trusted Sites

With as many sites as there are on the internet today, it makes sense that quite a few of them are considered spam. This has led to an active effort on Google’s part to weed out all such sites and to only show credible sites on their results page. 

One such way to classify as a trusted site in front of Google is to build links from sites that Google already considers trusted. 

In fact, getting backlinks from such sites increases the authority of your site and propels it to the top ranking results on the search engine page. 

This is because such backlinks notify the search engine that the website or page, in particular, is an authority on the subject being discussed. 

5- Partner with an SEO Consultant

What better way than to use the experience of someone who has experienced the market first hand and knows his way around it. 

“SEO is not a quick resolve for your website; it requires a gradual and continual application of improved tactics.”

~Rilind Elezaj. SEO consultant from SEOforX

Hence, an experienced SEO consultant who can help monitor your tactics and point out any residual flaws is an excellent addition to the team.  

Link building has grown essentially critical to growing websites. IT brings a whole load of other benefits aside from improving your brand visibility and credibility. Hence it is imperative to apply the right tactics to gain the most out of it and reap the benefits for your brand.